What do u think of this???

  1. I always wanted a Gucci pelham but the price is soooooo steep in my country.... :crybaby: still that doesn't deter me from my dream of owning it... what do u think of this Pelham? Is it nice, worth buying?? Is white nicer or brown?? :confused1: It cost SG$2680 for the medium size and SG$2480 for small size... tell me tell me....
  2. I like the brown! How much is that in US$?
  3. I love this bag! Its beautiful! I personally love the gucci canvas with white!
  4. i tink is US$1455...:sweatdrop:
  5. i wish i had the large one, i love the one with white leather trims
  6. I love the Large White trim one
  7. vote for brown!
  8. white :heart:
  9. I vote for the white one...
  10. I have the small and white and I love it!
  11. LOVE the pelham bag!!!!! :love: :love:

    The size depends on which one looks better on you and your frame... :yes:
  12. go for white...in either size
  13. I have the medium in brown. It's a great bag to have. BUT I wish I had gotten it in white after having it for about 8 months.
  14. I like the white trim....I've held this bag!! It's luscious!