What do u think of this Prada Nylon tote

  1. Hiya Gals

    I saw a pretty cool and utilitarian tote, made of the classic/evergreen nylon in brown. It reminded me of the green Spring Nylon Bag that our Prada Goddess aka Jill received (which I really like, but can't buy cause they are so expensive!)

    It is medium size, and comes with a strap to sling around the shoulder. There is one zipped compartment inside, and the top hass a magnetic closure.

    What do you gals think? Yay? Nay? The SA said there is a 40% discount, and the price now is around 550 (although I cant believe it was almost 900 initially). She asked me to hurry cos there were only two left!

    My other contender is the truffle/brown Balenciaga Day Hobo which is around 1K. Which one would u gals pick? Thanks!

  2. loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL! get it girl! then pm me where this sale is..rofl
  3. perfect bag! this reminds me of the classic nylon style they originally started out with - plus it will be soooo convenient not to have to worry about scratches etc....
  4. Oh my gosh! Its very chic isn't it? Even if I don't use it, I can give it to my mom on her birthday or buy it for my brother's wife right? Lol. And it looks like those overpriced spring nylon bags! And its on a heavy discount!

    PS I must stop myself from looking at adverts and fashion mags; I m so easily swayed; consumerism's biggest victim --> me me me! Almost can't resist!
  5. I'm with Jill. Love it. I need a new tote too. LOL
  6. Ditto w/ piperlu & Jill..I want one too!! Get it *get it* get it!!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. that is an irresistable price!
  8. go for it!
  9. Go for this one. =)