what do u think of this jacket

  1. [​IMG]
  2. You posted this in the wardrobe forum too right..?
  3. Best posting in the Wardrobe, like priiin said.
    But your not aloud duplicate posts, its against the rules :yes:
  4. I liked it till I scrolled to the bottom. I think the bubble look is going to dissappear soon.
  5. ^^ I agree. plus you have to have a VERY specific body type for it to look good. otherwise its going to look frumpy IMO
  6. VERY cute!
  7. ITA.
  8. CUTE i own it here is a picture !!! i got mine on sale 44 dollars and in XS
  9. the bottom is my fav part
  10. To me this looks cuter on you than the model. It doesn't seem to bubble as much.
  11. Cute! Looks comfy and easy to wear.
  12. Is this Erin Featherston for Target? It's not my style, but I can see how it could be cute for some...
  13. steve i see what your saying i wasnt found of it either BUT once i bought it and wore it around i got TONS Of compliments on mine and even a girl wanted one for herself1!! its very very cute trust me
  14. i think it would look super cute if you had long legs.
  15. I think it's really cute