What do u think of this clutch?

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  1. I want an unbiased opinion so i'm posting it here :smile: What do u think of this clutch (RM Black Snake embossed Fling)? too elaborate? only for evening? I intend to use it as a dress up bag for evening/night and a daytime run around errand bag too ... do u think it's suitable? dh & best friend both doesn't have a favorable opinion :P

  2. Very classy and understated. You'll be able to use it for years because it won't go out of style. It looks perfect for dress up, and even a not so dressed up night out with friends. I'm no too sure about it working as an errand bag, though.

    BTW, what DH and BFF think is not nearly half as important as what you think. Do you love it? Do you see yourself using it on different occasions? Can you already picture which outfits you can wear with it?
  3. thanks carterazo! i do love it otherwise i wouldn't have posted this thread :P i just want to hear some opinions from others other than from dh & best friend :biggrin:
  4. i love the shape and the hardware but i am not a "skin" person so i'm not crazy about the leather..that being said, i love it with the chain and think it's a very classy and elegant bag...
  5. thanks songofthesea (btw i love your nick!)
  6. i think it's great for dinners and night, but don't see it very much for daytime
  7. Cute I have a RM fling but it's neon yellow with gold studs. That clutch is more versatile and not as heavy.
  8. Ditto this. A daytime clutch needs to be less structured.
  9. It's pretty and very chic, but I agree that it is less suitable for daytime use.
  10. Gorgeous. I'd use it at night.
  11. Love it. I would get one if I actually went out at night. Sigh.
  12. I can see you workin' it day or night, go for it! I do like the newer shape better though...
  13. Think it's gorgeous for night, a bit too structured for day unless your everyday wear is really not casual.
  14. I agree that I don't see it as a daytime clutch, but I think it would be perfect for the evenings.
  15. #15 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    thanks all! i can definitely see it as a glam evening clutch and that's the initial reason why i wanted it since i don't have any true evening bags :smile: but alas i'm not a night life person and probably only attend 3x formal/ special occasion yearly so to justify the purchase and to use it more often i'm thinking to use it as a day time sling too ... i'll receive the bag and re-evaluate the day time sling option :yes: