What do u think of these??

  1. [​IMG]


    I like the shoe , but i dont like the fact that it goes up the leg like that .

    What are yout thoughts about them ????
  2. I have to say I think they're lovely! However, I have a few pairs of McQueen sandals, and I won't be getting any more, as I think the soles are really thin, and I never feel very stable on them.

    Anyone else find the same? I have a pair of the "pirate" horn heel shoes/mules, and they are fine.

  3. I could never, ever wear those. Never. I couldn't, but I wouldn't actually!
    I LOVE lace up sandals, but these are too much IMO.
  4. They are too much. I think they would make our legs look shorter. Unless you have super long legs. hehehhe.
  5. Yikes! It's a bit much...
  6. To me they look very S and M. I would look like a total dork in those with my mom of 3, 5ft. 2 legs. LOL!!!
  7. They scare me....I just see some chic with a big whip in her hands...Not my thing...sorry!
  8. They are a bit too much IMO.
  9. I think, if I was, say, >>>> Dancing on a pole. :shame:
  10. Not my thing....not that they would fit around my legs anyway!
  11. On a regular basis - too much. But for maybe a costume party - sexy!
  12. Lol, those are funny! McQueen obviously had a sense of humour when he drew these.
    They're best-suited for Halloween. :biggrin:
  13. Look a little dominatrix-like. I'll pass.
  14. that's what i was thinking! too dominatrix-ish for me...and a pain to get in and out of! :unsure:
  15. If you're a low key kind of gal, they would be a bit too much. What sort of stuff do you wear the sandals with? A mini skirt? Cropped jeans? You'd probably be limited in where you can wear them as well but it really depends on your likes and dislikes.