What Do U Think of These Shoes?

  1. Those are great! Love the color!
  2. Wow, that's a great price!
    I don't think they're out there at all. Very subdued in comparison to other shoes I've seen.
  3. I don't really care for them, but maybe they would look cute with the right outfit.
  4. ^ I agree. I'd like them better w/o tassels as well.
  5. Not for me..
  6. I think this belongs in the shoe section...

    But I like Isabella Fiore-- I think they're cute.
  7. Like my Weejun, I prefer this non, tassel .
  8. I am not a tassel fan either but otherwise I think these would look great with the right outfit (and not good with the wrong outfit).
  9. Don't like that emblem on the side of the shoe.
    The tassle I could deal with. Nice color though.
  10. It's not really my taste, but if YOU like them you should keep them! They would go with jeans...
  11. Not something I'd really buy but I agree it would look really chic & cute with the right outfit ;)
  12. Ditto :yes: