What do u think of these CL's on sale?

  1. These are on sale for $452, original price was $652?

    I think it's ok but I'm not sure if I LOVE it. I would love it if it was in black....

    Do you think these are a good deal? And do you think it's versatile or not as much because of the color??

    Shot at 2007-07-28
  2. they were on sale in the $200's at Saks.
  3. wow, I didn't even see that one. They are going for $452 at Bergdorf's. I am going to check Saks right now on-line. Thanks.
  4. I bought theses shoes from the saks sale and at first I thought I thought it would be a little hard to wear them but once I got them... I LOVE THEM!!! The pictures dont really do them justice.. they blend with your skin tone and look great with anything from jeans to skirts... about the price i paid a lot less at the saks sale.. hope this helps!!!
  5. I think they're really cute - and they are versatile. But it's a lot of $$ to be spending on a pair of shoes that you don't love ... especially if you really want black.
  6. I like them... but yeah, they were a lot cheaper at Saks. I really wanted them in red but they were sold out in my size. I have the fishnet pumps and I love those too.

    If you don't think you'll wear them, they aren't worth it, but I think it's a cute shoe.
  7. I actually like these. I would say shop around and you can find them cheaper.
  8. I like them and I'd wear them, they look like a great summer shoe (skirts, dresses, cropped pants, cropped jeans...) BUT my rule is, for expensive shoes, that is over $200, i have to love it to buy it. $452 is a bit much if you're not in love with them. $200 from saks is much easier to justify ;)
  9. I prefer the covered platform ... can't say why, though. ???
  10. I think they are really cute but rather hard to match with clothing. I saw them on sale at Saks for much cheaper.
  11. For $200, I would definitely get them.
    Would look great with Jeans or a power Suit!
  12. I think they're totally gorgeous! Go for it!