What do U Think of that YUMMIE Nicolas????????????

  1. Do U all only like the bags or do U also like Nicolas,
    I put some pics of him over here.

    BYBY FX:blush:

    Maybe U have some more pics?
    00430m.jpg charlotte en nicolas.jpg
  2. i dont think he looks bad, besides tom ford there are't really too many designers id consider "yummy" :P

    im a big fan of his runway work tho in addition to the bags... but the bags are a lot more affordable than his runway stuff, and much more fun to buy and wear, so i show my support for him this way :biggrin:
  3. He's okay. :P Not really my type but he sure designs nice handbags. :graucho:
  4. I think he looks cuter with facial hair! LOL!!!
  5. Not bad at all.... :graucho:
  6. i think he's cute... but i do adore tom ford and the messiness of marc jacobs :P
  7. wow... he's very good looking. I never really thought about it before.
  8. He needs to eat little more Turkey this week.:roflmfao:
  9. He's not my cup of tea, but the fact that he's a genius designer makes him so much more appealing.
  10. FOr the very fact that he churns out such gorgeous pieces of leather.... HE IS ABSOLUTELY YUMMMMMAAYYY!! :yahoo:
  11. I find him sexy!!!!
  12. Tom Ford.........:love: now that's sexy to me. ;)
  13. ooh... dan don't forget olivier theyskien :P
  14. Hmmmm...he's cute.
  15. He's okay... Here's some more:

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