What do u think of outlet bags??

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  1. Humm .. I just dont seem to like them.. some are downright ugly..
    I think i might be a snob:nuts:..LOL

    What do u think?
  2. Lol I feel you on that. I am more of a FP girl. but the outlet does get cute accessories. Like the pink and multi color script, and the retro kinda C scarf print.
  3. I really think it's depends on the bag. I'm not crazy about what's in the outlet's right now, but I have a rather large Hampton's signature tote I got from there and I love it! It's perfect for traveling.

    I agree they do get very cute accessories. The pink and multi-color script is one of my favs right now. I have a coin purse and camera case in that print.
  4. I only purchase FP deletes from outlet - I am an outlet STALKER - I only purchase from the outlet
  5. HATE MY OUTLET everything looks cheap and they never seem to get any FP bags
  6. I have a personal collection of probably 40 Coach bags not counting the wallets - some MFF, some deletes, some purchased at the full price boutique and some bought at department stores. The one that I used the most is a black patent E/W Gallery tote that is a MFF bag. It has 3 round links between the bag and the strap so I can scarf it, fob it, lozenge it (I took the jewel and lozenge off my Claire and put it on that bag) or leave it plain and it always looks AMAZING! The patent leather is textured and soft so it doesn't get a lot of fingerprints. I love carrying that bag! I don't really care if it's a MFF, if I like it and it's well-made from quality materials, that's all that matters. That goes for any bag - I have some italian bags that are from unknown designers that I love as well and get tons of compliments on.
  7. i have gotten AMAZING full priced bags at the outlet but if you mean the made for factory (MFF) bags, they are just as varied as full priced inventory...

    i think there have been some great MFF bags like the reintroduced Peyton, Leah, Bleeker tote and Zoe, the turnlock bags, gallery totes and the Brooklyn bag... the small and winter accessories were very cool this year with the mouse pads, coaster, coin purses, lanyards, hats, scarves, gloves, wallets and capacity wristlets ... and don't get me started on the business and travel pieces!!!

  8. I have to agree! I have seen some lovely pieces in my Outlet. Perhaps not deletes at this moment, but lovely pieces nonetheless. This year the "misc" pieces have been so darn fun!
  9. I perfer FP deletes but I have some amazing will never give up MFF bags. I have also purchased so for my friends and family that they love so it does depend on the bag.. There are a lot that are really great in their own right.
  10. Generally I don't care for MFF bags. At least the ones that have been coming out the past year. I bought several MFF bags back in 08 and I feel the quality in comparison to now was a lot better. The only MFF bag that I have purchased recently was a peyton bag. That is really the nicest MFF bag that I own that rivaled the FP version.

  11. and that's putting it mildly!! LMAO:yahoo:
  12. It's kind of a toss up for me with the MFF bags... When I hit an outlet I head straight for the section with the FP bags, then will browse the MFF stuff after. Like johnniegirlatl said, there have been a few exceptions where the MFF bags were done really well, but for the most part they're not my favorites.
  13. Some I like, some I don't, just like FP bags. I do head straight to the FP section before looking at any MFF bags though.
  14. I have seen a few MFF bags that I liked, but tend to go towards the FP deletes or returns.

    That being said, I didn't know the difference between MFF and FP's until recent.
  15. Here's what I think, I buy what I like and what will work for me!!!

    I have purchased a few MFF bags in my time, and even own 1 right now. The MFF Chelsea tote (which I'll picture below) is a FABULOUS bag!!! What a workhorse, and the size and pockets/function for the $$$ was an insane deal!!!

    I even recently purchased a *gasp* vinyl bag by Gianni Bini that I had been eyeing for months!!!

    I have however come to resent MFF bags a little because to me they kinda represent those who are buying Coach just to buy Coach. I know this is not always the case, but where I am (small town Iowa) there are not alot of true Coachies, and when I see a MFF bag it just says to me BANDWAGON!!!

    I think that MFF bags are a good thing and serve a purpose. I believe if certain styles LIKE the Chelsea line would have come out at FP in a variety oif great colors with a nice tattersall lining or something people would have been ALL OVER THEM. I think that sometimes MFF bags get a bad "rap" and that some women think that once they evolve to a certain point in their addiction/collection they are above buying MFF and that shouldn't be the case.

    You should buy WHAT you like, that will serve the purpose you're looking to serve that's within your price range. I'll continue to buy MFF bags IF that's the bag for me at the time. Do I go to the outlet in search of MFF bags??? NO!!!