What do u think abt wisteria grey spy?

  1. Is it gorgeous as i have never seen wisteria IRL? However, i've already seen grey color, and just love it so much (the color is not grey but more like khaki).

    The thing is i have got classic cognac, and i'm thinking to add something different like "wisteria" or "denim".

    So, i wanna know whether flowers and grey color do match each other. Is it a great deal on Jomashop site (at $1930)? On the other way, i'm thinking abt bidding for striped denim on eBay, as Jomashop runs out of this item (such a hot deal at $759)?

    Plsss help me....i'm really confused:confused1:

    thanks ladiesss...
  2. I've never seen a grey spy IRL. But, I do wish to own a wisteria spy one day.... I would go for a grey wisteria spy since i already have a denim spy.. hehehe..:p
  3. Did jomashop already run out of the denim striped spy?
  4. LV Mania...

    Jomashop already run out of it. Yesterday, i saw that one piece was still available. So, i emailed them, but they said they didn't have. Then, i checked their website again..and i saw "out of stock"...i'm so sadddd....
  5. here is my Wisteria its the most lovely bag, love it in Honey not so sure of the Grey
    131_3101.JPG 130_3097.JPG 130_3100.JPG
  6. Saich 2,,,

    i always love your collection. i saw yours from other threads. your items are definitely stunning..i just can't rank which one i love the most..coz each item is so unique in its own way....hahaha...your petrol really inspires me. i was thinking abt bidding petrol on eBay. unfortunately, seller don't ship product to TH and buyer must have 15+ feedbacks (i've never bought things from ebay before).

    btw, i agree tht wisteria spy just looks great in honey color...hehehe...but the thing is i fall in love with grey color but also wanna have floral with it. .anyone who has wisteria spy in grey color....plsss show me pics...
  7. Theirs a grey Wisteria spy listed on ebay, more money though but has a lot of good pictures you want to take a look
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Too funny, I was just going to post these in the Celeb section.
    pamelaandersonleaving.jpg pamelaandersonleaving2.jpg
  9. thankssss Winona77

    it is TDF...u just make me want it so badly...hahaha
  10. Just wondering the Grey Wisteria that Pam is wearing above in the pix, it looks sorta bubbly. Do you know how to make it look like that? Also, what do you guys put iin yours?? thx
  11. Pw

    You can't make it look like that - it comes like that. Well not all but if you are liking that look you need to be hunting down a bubbly spy. Saich is the queen of knowing all about bubbly spies but basically some come with small bubbles others come with loads. It;s the texture of the leather and nothing will make it go like that.

    Queen Saich can tell you how to pinpoint the most bubbly ones

    Good luck
  12. i also wanna know how to spot the bubbly ones...mine seems to be not so bubbly...i would say "flat"...

    anyone can tell some tips??? wht part of fendi spy should we look at?

    Saich 2....if u're here,,,we need ur help plssss

    thks in advance
  13. thestarsgarb,,,u're very helpful...thksss:love:
  14. OMG! It does look gorgeous...Thanks for the pic.