what do u think about this sac retro cherry blossom?

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  1. i'm seriously considering to have one of these 3 bags:


    i kinda like this sac retro, anyone ever have this style? i'm considering this pink cherry blossom or the brown one


    i'm also in love with an eye need you, but the problem is this bag is too small.


    which one do you think?
  2. I am madly in love with the Retro... the placement of the Cherry Blossoms are perfect on this bag. :biggrin:
  3. get the eye need you!! i was never a fan of the cherry blossom!

    Can you be sure that they're authentic??
  4. They're all authentic. :yes: ;)
  5. ooh... i'm so confused :P
    thanks girls for the comments.
    which retro do u think is better jm311. they're both gorgeous to me :hysteric:
    gemski107 , yeah i also like the eye need you, but this bag is ridiculously small :P
  6. I guess I forgot to mention that, huh? lol.
    The Monogram Canvas CB Retro. It's the perfect size for you. The Eye Need You is cute, but a bit on the small side... :crybaby:
    I'm more of a fan of the Monogram Canvas and Red/Creme CB bags than Pink CB bags...
  7. yeah, i think so too.. the pink one is a little too girly for me :P
  8. Oooh, I really love the Eye and the brown Retro :love: The Retro might be even more special, as the Eye looks like regular MC from a distance.
    My vote for the Retro :yes: and I heard good things about the seller!
  9. thanks GerGirl :P
  10. seahorse,
    I have retro in cream/red and absolutely love it.....It's a great bag. I prefer the brown/pink thatn the pink/pink though. Go for it :yahoo:
  11. I agree with mirroirprincess p go for the CB sac retro from timeless_lv, she's a great seller plus the brown/pink bag is in the BEST condition I've seen on ebay for a sac retro!!!:love:
  12. love the retro in brown /pink and creme /red.
    Drool of the eye need you in white.

  13. thanks :P
  14. I love sac retro in ANY color combo (although I do think that brown is more versatile)!!!:love: Such great bag! Eye Need You is a great bag also! Very sexy! You can't go wrong with either of those. Good luck!!!:smile: