What do u think about the alma

  1. well i have to wait a little bit to purchase again hehe but...

    im curious on everyones opinion on the Alma...I always liked it but my mom said she hatessss it, i think she saw someone who didn't present it well and she associates it with that lady haha...what do you guys think...also do u prefer the alma in monogram or damier???

    anyone have pics carrying it as well??
  2. Definately the monogram, such a classic!
  3. Take a look at the VISUAL AID STICKY, I think there are some Almas. :yes:

    I have the black MC and love the shape. Can't make up my mind which style I like best, she looks great in Mono, Epi, Damier, Multic... :upsidedown:
  4. Mono alma is such a classic beauty!
  5. I like the Alma too, I just think it's too wide at the bottom.
  6. I love the shape of the Alma - definitely a classic. But I have never carried one and I wonder how comfortable it would be to carry around.
  7. I really like the shape and look of the alma and especially in the epi line
  8. i have an lv white MC alma and love it. it's classy and the additional studs is cute too :P
  9. I love Alma!! :smile:

  10. I love alma shape..it's classic
  11. I love the Alma, it's such a classic! I've seen both the Mono and the Damier and both are beautiful.
  12. i have one and love it!!!
  13. I have three almas and LOVE them all! VERY roomy bag and very stylish, IMO!:love:
  14. The alma is very classy I think. I would love to have one someday!
  15. I have the white mc alma and I love it. The shape is so cute and it's comfortable to carry. I only wish they had put feet on the bottom of this bag. The shiny studs are sooooo pretty. My husband says this bag screams "celebrity" and it's his favorite bag I own.