What do u think about Nina shoes?

  1. I have about 5 piars of nina shoes I :heart: them!! theres stones are great and they have such nice designs:P
  2. I really like them too! Made well, pretty comfortable and have gorgeous styles. I have four pairs.
  3. I have 2 pairs. They're very pretty and great for formals.
  4. i love my ninas! i have...let's see...only two pairs but they fit well and are very sexy!
  5. yea there very comfortable!!
  6. I have a pair! Black satin pumps with a 3.5" heel. I just broke them in last Saturday night. They are quite nice! My feet were a bit sore by the time I was walking home at 1am, but that was after 4-5 hours of bar-hopping and a LOT of walking around NYC in perfect comfort.
  7. Yes they are wonderful! :heart:
  8. I like them. They are pretty and affordable.
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