What do u think about MULBERRY ARALINE

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  1. Hi,
    I just got this Mulberry Araline. The leather is soooo soft(NAPPA)
    What do u guys think about this bag? They have actually in many colors, but mine is in CHOCO. I love the tassles..

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  2. WElcome, this bag was subject of a previous thread I think, the owner wanted to cut off the tassels or something. Anyways, I like the bag
  3. I really like the bag on you!!! Welcome:love:
  4. Welcome! This bag is nice, and matches great with you!

  5. choco is my pick of color....definitely keep tassels....love them, they are cute!:love:
  6. I like it!
  7. I like it too!
  8. Wow...thanks for the comments..
    I really love the tassles, will definitely NOT cut it.
    Im not a Mulberry fan before, but when i saw this bag, i fall in love(love, love in the first sight) heheheh..
  9. Oh....the pic of the white col bag was taken from the last thread,, its about ''cut the tassles or something''''
  10. i like it too! welcome!
  11. Wow, I like the choco over the white. Great choice and welcome to the forum.
  12. hi i'm really new to this my friend asked me to try to find out if her new mulberry araline is real or fake!!!!!!!!!! it looks exactly the same as the one on the mulberry site and on net-a-porter i've looked at the pics close up but the prob is inside there is a small tag sewn into the lining which says "made in china" do you have this inside yours i thought they were all made in england hope you can help cheers ally06
  13. Welcome to the forum...and congrats on the fab. bag!!!
  14. It's pretty.:love:
  15. I bought one in Tangerine. I :love: it!