what do u think about Brooklyn??

  1. I love coco cabas...but couldnt get one since last year...and this season...there is a Patchwork Brooklyn...the shape is similar as coco cabas...the price is double...please everyone...what do u think about it??? should i buy it?

    and here is the Patch Brooklyn adv. below.
  2. I like it but I have yet to even see it in person. I love my Baby Cabas which I think is more classic.
  3. I made the mistake of buying the big brooklyn in the picture. It was enormous!! I eventually returned it for the n/s version-much better. I love it, yet have yet to use it....Its my November bag :tup:
  4. sorry, i don't like them all :tdown: i'm more of a classic chanel girl
  5. I love the e/w size you posted and find it very hot !I am pondering on this bag , on this size in particular ,It 's still in my local C b so I've been trying it on for the last month or so!There are the other sizes too but I like this more !
    The problem is that it's structured not like the cabas so the dimentions of the bag stay the same,meaning that it's looking really big and I am 5.9" for ref!:girlsigh:
  6. Could you show me ur n/s version??? thanks a lot!!!
  7. thanks for showing me...chanelspell !!!
  8. There are some pics of people wearing them around here. i can't remember if it was lbdb or someone else but someone def just posted pics of it. I agree though, the big one looks really really big. I would have to go with the smaller size but I do love the patchwork design. I wonder if it comes off at all