what do u think about bag borrow and steal??

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  1. Its a website thats been all over tv.. i dont noe what to say about it what do u guys thing?

    Its bagborrownadsteal.com
  2. It's a scammish ripoff. I've heard many horror stories about them claiming they never got the bag back and charging $$$$, as well as how people cancel the monthly whatever, but still getting billed for months and months after.
  3. wow good thing i didnt go for it Thanxxx
  4. Not worth it. Save your pennies up and get one of your own.

  5. I've never "rented" a bag there, but did purchase a Carlos Falchi from their online outlet. It came in absolutely perfect condition. I'd buy from them again. :yes:
  6. I don't see the point in renting. for all the money you end up giving to them by subscribing, you can get a brand new high end bag. that you get to keep!
  7. Hi!

    This thread gets posted very often.
    Please do a search as it's a duplicate.
Thread Status:
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