what do u put in the spy wand?

  1. to those of you that own spy bags..do you ever wonder why the spy wand was designed to be able to open up? well, I do. Was is designed that way for a purpose? maybe to put tooth picks or small candies? what's your idea?
  2. I've never put anything in my wand though have thought about it. I think I've read posts where people use for a cigarette light, putting the cigs in the snap purse part.
  3. I always say it's for my cocaine whenever anyone asks me...:yahoo: you should see the look on those faces! Now seriously, I don't put anything in there 'cause mine won't stay closes. I'm really regretting my spy - I've had it for just over a year now and it looks totally worn out and the leather has become thin, the flap won't close and the tube thing keeps popping open. It's really crappy quality, won't ever buy another Fendi in my life :tdown:
  4. I don't put anything in it for fear of making it loose overtime and it's not exactly a very convenient place to store anything.
  5. Graciella, what color + season is your Spy? I never had any issues like that, just maybe a little blushing of the leather, but I find that actually nice patina, I don't really want my bags to look brand new. I could actually put something in there, but I don't - no need for lighters as I don't smoke.
  6. It was I am told originally intended for women to put their lipstick in and use the end as a mirror to apply the lipstick. Unfortunately, FENDI did not engineer the closing device properly, and so if you use it for such you will lose the lipstick when the end opens. :sad:

    I have often pondered why they did not create a more secure closure, would not take much work and certainly more useful than some of the LE phantasm spies they have created...:confused1:

    Believe it is also the source of the "SPY" name, in that a spy could keep secret messages or emergency Cyanide pills in the hidden wand compartment. Yeah right!:roflmfao:
  7. What do you mean 'yeah right'? That's where I keep my emergency cyanide pills. Comes in very handy.
  8. This cracked me up. I always thought of smuggling some pot thru the airport (only kidding!) Yes, I never put anything either because it seems like it snaps open so easy and wouldn't want to lose anything.
  9. I've gone through customs with my Spy. Usually, it registers with the screener that there's something not quite right with the image he's getting on the screen and so I'm often asked to step aside so someone can dig through my purse. They never ever discovered the wand compartment.

    Most ppl who don't own spies don't know about that compartment. I always tell questioning Spy owners that I keep my joints in there, though cocaine and cyanide pills would get me the same response too. :upsidedown::upsidedown:

  10. I'm really surprised at this too. I own a number of Spies and beat them up, and they're still pretty presentable.

    Which spy do you own, Graciella?
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Lit, hope you nevah have to use them...;)
  12. Works great for Prozac, too!
  13. Geez Lit, I love how you put your outfits and handbags together and I was thinking you would be an awesome shopping partner but now I'm a little scared...:shocked:
  14. I put my husband’s cigarettes lighter in there when we go out. :lol: I would search my bag for ages if just throw it in the bag. His New Year resolution is to quit smoking… so I’ll have to think of something else. May be chopstick… ;)
  15. I bought my spy in june 2006. It looks awful really. I made a picture but you can't really see the wear and tear. I quite liked the bag at first, but now it just looks run down. I took ik back to the store (shoebaloo in amsterdam) but they said there really was nothing I could do. They can have the hardware fixed, but it would take very long (a few months they said) and they couldn't guarantee it would come out better. The flap thing is really irritating when I wear it because it keeps popping open. I guess I'd better take it to a Fendi store, but there aren't any here in the Netherlands. I'll be in Paris in march, perhaps there's a Fendi store over there.