what do u LOVE that everyone seems to H8?

  1. for me it is mono, Coach sig bags and LV. i love the speedy even if no one else does! lol
  2. L.A.M.B. bags. I love them. Lots of others can't stand them, but I don't care. The only thing that bugs me are the comments stating they are not made well. I have to disagree with that. My L.A.M.B.'s are really well constructed and durable.

    Some people don't like the Marc Jacobs Stam bags. I own a few and LOVE that style.
  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE...

    1.) My Marc Jacobs Black Mina! Lots of people think the Mina is too big and don't like that there are no handles... I think she's perfect:love:

    2.) My LV Damier Speedy 30!:tender: I don't care if everyone on earth has a fake LV... Mine is mouth-wateringly delicious! So na-na-na-na-na...:wlae::happydance::jrs:
  4. I am crazy insane over Tano bags. I don't think a lot of people hate them...but I think the fact that the price point is so affordable some people equate that as 'cheap'. Tano bags are oustandingly made, the leathers are tdf, and the colors are amazing. I'm a huge Tano cheerleader. :yes:
  5. I'm crazy with LV bags, the best for me...
  6. Babyphat!

  7. I have to agree with Rorosity. I have a closet full of LAMB. I used to be strictly an LV girl. And I still love my LV, but now I have more LAMB than anything. And I think it's funny when people say they are overpriced. Most bags are overpriced. It's just a matter of if you think it's worth it and LAMB is definitely worth it to me!
  8. I noticed that aren't many Neverfull fans in the LV forums. A lot of them don't like the sagginess, the thin handles, the open top, or something else about the bag. I have the PM and I absolutely adore it.
  9. SEP- I agree! I love my LV mono Speedy 30 and I could care less about the fakes. As long as I know mine is real that's all that matters! Besides..I want a Damier one too!
  10. I like a lot of studs on my bags; it must be that inner biker chick in me. Also my Thomas Wylde skull bag. It's either love or hate it seems.
  11. LAMB handbags. I recently fell for them. I get comments about them being overpriced and wannabe this or that line. I don't care. I really like the style and feel edgy when I use my LAMB.
  12. Funny, but when I'm not in a "designer purse" kind of mood, I'll take a Nine West Purse any day of the week. Not a real big fan base here though.
  13. Anything big enough for the kitchen sink is the bag for me. I love 'em HUGE.
    Not everyone agrees!
  14. Belive it or not-I still love the LV perfo speedy! I know people think it looks like a doggy carrier, but I don't care. I don't have one but I would still buy one, particularly the green and pink color. The bright colors make it look fun!

  15. :upsidedown::lol: