what do u have in your bag?

  1. i have in all my bags really mess..
    i have there from foun, wallet, makeup bag,....

    i just would be interested what u have in your?..
  2. well...i haven't actually used my bag yet...but it will be a school tote...so it'll carry a few books, my laptop, etc
  3. business cards, car keys, house keys, gucci makeup bag, blackberry, receipts, wallet, the list goes on

    i actually found the bottom of my purse a few weeks ago(cleaned it out) now i lost it again hahaha
  4. same here. hopefully it'll carry a laptop but for now itll carry

    versace eyeglasses case, coach sunglasses, makeup case for pencils, vintage gucci wallet, ti 83 calculator, razr cell phone (iphone whenever the 3g comes out)..etc
  5. beige gucci wristlet w/cream trim

    black gucci case & sunnies - style #2965/S

    LV accessories:: :p
    pomme french wallet
    pomme cles
    azur pochette
    complice t&b cles
    mono wapity

    ipod nano w/tokidoki iskin

    i'll take pics later - everyone post your pics!!!!
  6. I always have my Blackberry, business cards, wallet, perfume and my agenda oh and my ipod...:smile:
  7. lesportsac pouch, XDA, cosmetic kit full of pink lipglosses!, tissue, gum, rosary, hand sanitizer, papers, medicines i give out to my patients, perfume, steth, penlight, keys
  8. lets see right now my tote has my crim law book, property law book and contracts book...cute notebooks for each class...my gucci wallet and gucci planner...a bottle of water...pens/highlighters! :smile: --> this bag is HUGE it can hold all that and MORE!

    the last bag i wore was the horsebit hobo...and that had the planner, wallet a bottle of water and receipts :smile: hehe

  9. As i promised earlier, here are pics of whats inside my bag. Sorry guys, i switch out with LV and gucci all the time. :push: This still counts because there's a gucci wristlet and gucci sunglasses in there right? :p Post your pics everyone, this is fun!!! I've seen this thread in LV, Chanel and Balenciaga but not one here!!! Hurry and take your pics because i wanna see!!! :biggrin:

    beige gucci wristlet w/cream trim - tide stain remover, makers, pens, band aides, receipts, papers, charger for my camera

    black gucci case & sunnies - style #2965/S

    LV accessories:: :p
    pomme french wallet - money, i.d., debit card
    pomme cles - nothing inside, i use it as a keychain
    azur pochette - mac compact & lipglosses
    complice t&b cles - loose coins
    mono wapity - i keep my canon sd750 here w/extra battery
    ipod nano w/tokidoki iskin
    blackberry pearl in white


  10. damn girl you seem so organised!!!^^^^^^^^^^^
    i have just put all my things into small cases as well... soooooo much better!
    You need a small gucci bag for your ipod like me!!
  11. I usually carry my keys, wallet, faceplate for my car radio, cellphone, and sunglasses. Having a big bag also seems to make me the official holder of the BF's items too. :push:
  12. I was trying to downsize, but it never happens! I have my wallet, keys, checkbook, phone, pocket organizer, card wallet, pill case, floss, jump drive, compact and lipstick! Whew!

    All that stuff does not look like they fit in your LV bag! Haha, LOVE it! How about pics of what's in the cases/pouches? :graucho: I'm curious, what does the inside of the Trunks & Bags case look like? Thank you!
  13. hahahaha :lol: TRUST ME, i was NOT organized until i joined this purse forum :push:. I had all my stuff scattered everywhere inside my purse. This forum as taught me to really appreciate and to take better care of my handbags. :yes: Whewww, thank God. I needed organization. Which small gucci bag do you have for your ipod. Post a link here so i can see. :flowers:
  14. Hi Peevenjo - ok i'll take pics tonight and post it for ya. Where are your pics?? :biggrin: c'mon ladies.. i wanna see. Im NOSEY.. lolz :blush:
  15. ^^ I've said this to you before gucci lover but dang i love your Neo Cabby!!!

    Like you, I also have learned to take better care of my handbags because of this forum. Isn't TPF great?!? LoL