What do u guys think about this Miu Miu bag?

  1. I saw this in Hong Kong last week, and I am thinking to buy it or not.

    The one I saw is the medium size, smaller than the one in the picture.

    What do you guys think about it?

  2. Not feeling this one, sorry. :shrugs:
  3. It's a unique look, but just doesn't seem that practical. I guess you would hold it by the metal handle? Then switch to the ultra-long strap when you get tired of it? Also, it's the kind of thing that might be out of style really quickly.

    But on the other hand, if you love it, get it because it's the kind of bag nobody else has... and you might not see again for a long time.
  4. The shape of it reminds me of the Marni balloon bag, which I like more than this one.. But if you love it, get it!
  5. that was my first thought that reminds me of Marni. i'm not crazy about the handles......sorry....
  6. i actually find the shape quite unique, but then again, i haven't seen it up close so can't judge. the handle doesn't look too comfortable though!
  7. The leather looks yummy, but its proportion is kind of weired -- big body with thin strap and handle. I may be wrong since I've never seen it IRL.
  8. The new proportions for next year are strange like this -- but hard to tell from the pic. The metal handle might not be that practical/comfortable -- but this feels like something you need to see/hold in person to know for sure.
  9. seems dun have 'positive' comments for this bag..lol

    i will think carefully again.

    thanks for the comments guys!
  10. I think it depends on ur height and stuff as wel. if ur tall ud get away with it, im really short so i would like rather ridiculous!
  11. The handle looks really awkward with the shape and size of the body of the bag, the color is really pretty though, but overall I wouldn't get it.
  12. I also saw it today. But in purple. But I hate purple... haha.. it would be nice if it would be really small. like a going out bag.. for like 300Dollars - but not more... in pink or so..
    But this I wouldnt get- I bet with u, u will get it at sale!

  13. hahha!then i can wait until it at sale!!

    i saw it in a much smaller size with pink patent leather!!but i didnt look at the price.
  14. Never saw it in real life, but i personally love this bag!