what do u guys think about this dior boston bag?

  1. It's cute, but since it's both (a little) smaller and more expensive than a speedy 25, I'd get.. a speedy 25 ! :shame:
  2. i had that bag in red. i really loved it, but sold it to my friend who really wanted it more than i did. it looks fabulous in red. i'm not thrilled with it in black or blue though.
  3. I've never been a big fan of Dior. I agree with Ayla.:biggrin:
  4. I love the style of the bag....love satchels. The only worry I have... and it's the usual worry is that it might get dirty fast because of the fabric and color. I'm thinking of getting this one...
  5. actually, the actual bag does not look as light as it does on the website, plus, it's coated canvas so i don't think it'll get dirty that easily.
  6. Thats nice pursemama!

    sadhunni - the Diors cute, I really like that one. If youre an LV fan maybe you should take Ayla's advice though.
  7. I loved the first dior boston bag purchased but didn't realize it was so small. The second one is nice although it doesn't seem as eye catching to me. imho
  8. i like the boston bag in the baby blue colour! i think its cute! but totally true - its more than LV - i'd get an LV piece!
  9. I'm not a Dior fan except for the Gaucho but you have to like it and if then go for it!!
  10. $620. They also have the vintage jacquared for the same price. Personally, I like this one more than the jacquared because i think the signature on this one looks nicer. Also,I feel like this one can be a night/day bag. I can only picture bringing out the jacquared boston out during the day. What do u guys think?

    Anyway, here's a pic of the vintage jacquared boston:
  11. I really like it but after I saw this and the Speedy in person I liked the Speedy better. But it is still really cute.:lol:
  12. I love it! It has the speedy shape without the common monogram.
  13. I have the pink Trotter Boston and I love it :love: Unlike everyone else, I prefer this bag over the LV Speedy simply because it's pink :lol: