What do u guys know about Parisian Princess??

  1. Hello everyone ,, I'm new to this forum (which rocks btw :jammin: )
    I want u guys to tell me if u know anything about Parisian Princess !!
    this is her site Http://parisianprincess.webeden.co.uk
    she says she sells authentic Hermes bags (Birkins and kellys ) but still
    I dont know if i should trust her or dont ,,
    let me know what u guys think

  2. I don't know, some of the photos look like stock photos from the Japanese reseller sites. Also, the descriptions of that site sounded kind of similar to another site I've seen ...
  3. ...could it be......
  4. Don't say it, K........
  5. OMG!!! It IS Hayleys!!!!!

    The testemonials, and one pf the pics on the site are from her old site!!!!!!!

    Holy Cow!!!!
  6. Are you ladies thinking what I'm thinking?

    Edit: HOLY CRAP! You guys ARE thinking what i'm thinking!!!!
  7. WWWHHAAAAAAT?!?!?!!?!?

    I'm lost here guys !!

  8. saud - DON'T GO THERE!!!! They are not authentic...this lady has quite a (not good) reputation here.....PLEASE don't buy from there!!
  9. shoot - I'm trying to locate the link so I can show the same pics from Hayleys and this Parisian Princess.........can't find it anymore........bugger........
  10. who ior what is Hayleys ???
  11. Hey Saud, check out our reputable resellers from the list in the Hermes Shopping sub-forum at the top of the page.....you can trust them!
  12. U guys could u tell me exactly what u know about this person??
    she is trying to sell me a 35cm birkin at retail price!!!!!!!!!!
    that smelled fishy to me!!
  13. Well....check out our threads for Hayley's Couture and check out our thread for reputable re-sellers and buy from that list.
  14. u guys ,, r u sure they r the same person!? i have been calling this Parisian Princess and she told me her name is Kirsty mutlow from the UK !! she even has the englsih accent and the UK phone number !!
    could it be that she moved or something???
    she is offering a brand new 35cm red birkin with gold hardware for only $6995 !!!!!!!!

  15. Can it be possible that it's one of Hayley's customer service reps? Some companies subscribe to these type of customer service where you have ppl answering calls and doing basic customer support.