What do u girls think of this beauty

  1. Hi this is a lovely Italian leather bag. Its huge and has the softest and most supple leather any lady would want to feel. Let me have your views on this beauty Guess the brand and let me know
  2. let me guess Marino Orlandi. . . it's the same brand you always post about.
  3. I love good leather but very large bags don't look good on me, so I stick to medium size ones.
  4. totally blank..... i dunno! wat brand is it?

  5. Quite. :yes:

    Considering it appears to be the same one as the one in your avatar and you have already told us, before, that it is by Marino Orlandi, I'd have to concur!

    Um, we like fashion and accessories, but us 'girls' are not idiots, you know! :lol:
  6. Just curious....(and I do like the bag) are you into any other designers/designs? Does M.O. make a messenger?
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Do you work for Marino Orlandi?? :confused1:
  10. lol You always post about this purse! :P

    I myself don't like it at all. It's kinda boring looking and I'm not keen on the shape...
  11. We've all seen it. Branch out dude.
  12. Maybe you should post about something else other than Marino Orlandi. And you sound like you're trying to advertise that product since you joined. It's kinda boring.
  13. ok i guess i sound boring and kinda repetitive. I guess this is not the place for me. Let me once again clarify that i DO NOT work for or sell these bags. I just like huge bags like these and have not been able to find them here so i wanted to start this. Anyway u guys wont see me ever again as i am quitting
  14. Huh? There are dozens of huge bags shown here, I'm not quite sure what you mean.
  15. i love it