What do u do with the Mirror that comes with each bbag?

I don't use it. I just store it away with the dust bag. I just think the mirror looks a bit cheap to look at myself in. I rather use my compact mirror. :P
i just leave my mirror tucked inside my bag. i actually used it for the first time yesterday, lol! i think i should probably take mine out and store it in the dustbag though.
I keep mine on the tassels, kept in the main body of the bag. I don't have the habit of zipping up my bags (very bad I know! :shame:smile:, so it doesn't bother me.

I am worried that the tassels might snap if it gets caught on something instead my bag though. But so far, so good. :yes:
I leave mine in the inside zipped pocket, sometimes it is a nuisance if you want to put anything in there. I am thinking of taking if off & storing as I never use it anyway