what do u do to prevent back blisters?

  1. heeeeeeelp.....I reallly need to know what do u do to prevent getting blisters on the back of ur feet?

    I wore my new flats yesterday and now I have 2 blisters on the back of my foot.
  2. I bought some moleskin (Dr. Scholls brand in the foot section) but I found it didn't stay put when my shoes rubbed the back of my foot. I bought a small stick of body glide from REI outdoor goods store and it works pretty well. I keep it in my purse and apply it wherever and whenever I feel my shoe rub any part of my foot. Bandaid brand has a version of this but I haven't been able to find it. I think it's called blister stick or blister block. It has been mentioned in a fairly recent thread.
    Hope you find something that works!
  3. I think FootPetals makes little pads to put in the back of your shoe and prevent flats from digging in/causing blisters.
  4. I was able to find this online at a few places. I bought it from drugstore.com.

    I haven't used it yet, but some people swear by it. Also, the customer reviews on the website mentioned were all very positive!

    Love your pug by the way...sooooo cute! My sister has one too. ;)
  5. Yup, Bandaid makes Blister Block (I've seen it in Vons and Target) and they also make some blister bandaids as well. They're in a silver box.
  6. petroleum jelly works really well..
  7. Dr. Scholl's makes a heel pad that sticks inside your shoe. I use them and they work great. Since I have put them in the back of my shoes, they don't rub against my skin. Such comfort!
  8. heel pads, and of course, bodyglide
  9. http://www.americarx.com/Products/7148.html

    I ordered these from this site along with several other ProFoot products that I could only find on this site. They helped a lot with some ballet flats that I have that rubbed the back of my feet. I also use them in the back of shoes that I got a size 12 for extra room in a shoe when I am really an 11...it helped fill the slight gap in the back of the shoe.
  10. I just keep some extra bandaids in my purse.
  11. If I'm at the office or running around the city doing errands I rip out the band aids I keep in my purses.

    Not as efficient as the Dr. Scholl's heel pads, but when you're on the run and that's what you have, it WORKS. :tup:

  12. Ohh, the have the same thing I bought, but in the 'for her' style? I can't find those here in Stuttgart...at least where I bought my stuff...

    I bought the same brand, but not the 'for her' style.


    Again, they are assume...just bought some new ballet flats the other day, and put the heel liners in them.
  13. I like the heel grips by Payless Shoes, they are thick and cushiony.
  14. Doesn't putting a pad in the back (like the ones from foot petals) make your shoes tighter?