What do think of this ebay auction??

  1. I have this bag - it's a beauty! Not sure of the seller myself as I have no experience with them...
  2. Shoes, I am loving potiron more and more these days! I dunno, but I'm really drawn to the fun and bright colors for birkins and kellys. I love the neutral colors as well though.

    As for the seller, she's an MPRS and she's legit. I'm a member at several purse boards and have never heard a bad thing about her. Her prices are kinda on the high end though, I've seen her CB items before, and they were expensive.
  3. This seller is completely legit!!! I can vouch for her 1 million percent! Buy the bag, shes cool

    I have conducted alot of business with her, she's awesome and very straight foward. All her items are 100 authentic unless she describes other.
  4. The price certainly beats out a lot of them out there! My bag was apparently listed a LOT higher for a long time and then was reduced when I found it..it is beautiful! I love the orange and find I actualy work my wardrobe around my colored bags! And it's not a terribly BRIGHT orange if you know what I mean - which I like...
  5. I agree with shoes319... prices are pretty good! This potiron looks stunning and so does the other potiron two-tone this seller has. TEMPTING!
  6. Well, there is a markup here but it's one of the lowest I've seen for this bag. This is one of my dream choices but I'm going to take my chances with the boutique.
  7. I love the color!!! My next Hermes purchase is going to be something Potiron, even if it's just the baby-sized GP.
  8. Jegaha, so far the GP only comes in black or brown in leather. :sad:
    For something small, there's always the cute Picotin pm or Evelyne TPM. Either would be darling in potiron!
  9. Greentea: I thought I saw a darkish orange GP at South Coast Plaza about a month ago in a mini size and a PM...it was long gone when I went there again last Friday. I'm not sure if it's called potiron, per se, but it was quite a rich, deep orange.

    Or maybe it was red??? but definitely not black or brown. Is there any way to find out????

    Does potiron refer to the color, or to the skin?
  10. Hi Jehaga, Potiron refers to the color. It actually means "Pumpkin". It's a more subdue shade of orange with slight brown undertones. A very beautiful and surprisingly neutral color :smile:
  11. Thanks, Gigi!
  12. Jehaga, was it a leather GP you saw or canvas?

    I saw the cutest teeny tiny one in brown calf with an orange Bolduc linine and matching twilly.