what do think of this carrie on?

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  1. luggage 9622 SM dots green BIG.jpg

    luggage 9622 toile blue BIG.jpg

    I wanted to see everyones option on these new 2006 design carrie on luggage. I came across it and wasn't sure what to think
    They come in other colors
  2. Anyone have any thoughts on these? not relly sure howI feel about them, they are interesting.
  3. I think there is too much going on on these. I wouldn't want to call that much atttention to my luggage. But they are definetly different!
  4. Heh, those are cute. I really like the green one because green is my favorite color. Where did you find these carry-ons?
  5. too busy for me..BUT I am simple!
  6. I really like the blue toile. What are the dimensions and where did you find them?
  7. they look fun!
  8. If they're fabric, I'd be afraid of it getting dirty pretty quickly.
  9. I think the overall idea is cute, but, there is too much going on in the fabric...maybe if they had a plain color one, like, black or brown or something :smile:
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