What do the Elisa and Felicia look like???

  1. I have been reading about these but don't know what they look like.
    Does anyone have any pics...
  2. i can post pics of my Elisa in the a.m. - I believe Lizcordova has posted pics on here of her Felicia... they are both beautiful
  3. I also have pics of the Felicia posted. Also see the picture in my signature line.
  4. What is the # for the Elisa? thanks
  5. Bleecker Elisa Slim Duffle, 11447:

  6. OMG yes,, now I remember! I even had the number written down for myself and I forgot about it. I saw that bag in Bloomies a while back but DH was with me so I just glanced and moved on. That is a beauty! This will be another one I'm sorry I missed out on!:crybaby: Thanks for posting the pic for me!