what do people think of the 07 clay color??

  1. I'm hankering after a good caramel/oatmeal color and wonder if people are liking the 07 clay? Should I go for it? How hard is it to keep a natural clean? Are there previous years of the natural family that people prefer?:smile:

  2. I have an 07 Naturel Work and I really don't find it that hard to maintain. I am pretty careful with my bags, though they are still just that, bags, and are meant to be carried! If I am paying a $1,000 plus for a bag, then I will get lots of use out of it and not hide it away! Like any light color it will be more prone to show dirt but it wouldn't stop me from getting what I like or want:smile:. I would just be a tad more cautious with it than with my darker colors. But still worth the beauty of a light color Bbag!
  3. So, do you mean mastic? That's the one I've seen called "oatmeal" before...but I'm not aware of any color called "clay."
  4. I haven't heard of an 07'Clay-which one could it be?
  5. check out styledrops (I was looking at a day bag in "clay"). I think they advertised other bags in mastic that looked different, but I'm confused too:confused1:.

    05 caramel looks amazing too but probably hard to find.
  6. I also have a 2007 naturel. You have to be careful when you are wearing dark clothes or dark denim. I travelled with my bag and after a few days of use, the corners of my bag was stained with blue. I use facial wipes since I do not have access to my leather cleaning products. The stains are lighter, but they are still there.
  7. I think I remember a couple of posts where people got bags on bluefly that were called "clay" also. When they posted pics, folks thought they looked like sandstone. My memory may be faulty though...
  8. It looks like sandstone to me...
  9. I was eyeing on the 'clay' day bag from styledrops too & asked them to clarify what's the exact/actual name for that color. And even asked them to read me the tag no. so that I can narrow down from which season that 'clay' day bag comes from. Styledrops can't clarify to me as to the actual name of the color. Honestly, I thought that was a Sandstone, but since they can't verify the exact season/year... so I can't say that is a 100% Sandstone.
  10. Sandstone's French name is Argile...which translates to Clay
  11. Ahh...mystery solved! I'd never heard that before...makes sense now.
  12. :yes: Yeah, when the swatches were first released the name was Argile, then Bal NY called it Toffee...and upon arrival they changed it to the name Sandstone.