What do people think of PETA?

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  1. I've noticed the topics about fur and leather, but I'm just curious what people think.

    I like the idea of saving animals and not being cruel to them. What PETA does is ruin that by taking it to this psychotic extremist fire bombing attitude. (And then when it was discovered that they actually KILL animals . . . . forget it. I was done).

    You know those "What REALLY happens on fur farms" videos? Chances are, PETA paid people to skin animals alive to show how horrible fur is. If PETA is so hell bent on saving animals, why didn't they save the animals in the video?

    (And for the record, animals are not skinned alive, they're humanely euthanized. Skinning the animal alive would ruin the pelt.)

    And how Alicia Silverstone seems to somehow work being a vegan in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW SHE DOES. Whenever she's on Leno or something, I desperately want a chicken salad wrap for some reason.

    And they can't just let people eat meat. People have to agree with them or they're wrong. Leno made a joke about wanting a hamburger and Alicia Silverstone goes, "a VEGGIE burger, yeah."

    If you like the idea of supporting animals, what about the Humane Society? What about the ASPCA?

    This is an episode of Penn & Teller's Bullsh:censor: t! about PETA
  2. I like the idea behind PETA but not the way they go about their message. I agree with supporting the ASPCA or Humane Society first.
  3. I find that it's really hard to be a supporter of PETA without being a hypocrite. You have a pet? PETA forbids pets. You're sick and take medication for it? Chances are, that medication came around because of animal testing.

    Then there are people that say they would rather die than wear fur (and they're wearing leather boots in their photograph).

    If it's REALLY DIFFICULT for its own members to follow, then why should we?
  4. wow-you sure like controversial issues..LMAO......^
  5. I agree with the ethical treatment of animals, etc. but unfortunately PETA is a terrible organization and not something I support.
  6. Not much...
  7. I don't like their ways of getting the message across. The violent ones that is.
  8. I love animals and I think it's great to be for animal rights and the ethical treatment of animals and all that(though I'm not vegan by any means), but after I found out that PETA kills animals... wow, I just can't stand them. It really upsets me just thinking about it. http://www.petakillsanimals.com/ :crybaby:

    Not only that, but some of the stuff they hand out to kids just :censor: disgusts me. Example: http://www.furisdead.com/pdfs/mommykills.pdf. That's just wrong.
  9. Haha . . . . What do you mean, I like controversial issues? This was the first controversial issue I've started. Granted I've ANSWERED in a couple of controversial topics . . . .

    And so far it's not controversial, because most of the people that have answered don't like them very much.
  10. PETA. Not so much. I love animals and love the idea of saving them - but I don't like their way of spreading their "message" and their treatment of other people who don't agree to their agenda.

    Besides - I can't go without eating a couple of burgers in the summer. Soy burgers just don't cut it :\\

    I'm a big fan of the ASPCA, Humane Society, and other various Pet Shelters. I don't think I would ever buy a pet from a breeder - mainly because I would rather buy a dog who does not yet having a loving home. But that's just me and I have nothing against those that do buy from breeders :smile: We all have our own personal choices!
  11. OMG! I didn't know all of this. I thought PETA helped spread awareness on Animal cruelty. I can't believe that they kill animals themselves..
  12. Click the link to watch the Penn & Teller clip in my first post.
  13. PETA is a little too guerilla for me even though I agree with quite a few of their basic ideas (the ethical treatment of animals), but I imagine tossing bags of flour at Anna Wintour is a great stress reliever!
  14. That's the perfect word to describe them but I jsut couldn't think of it!!! :flowers:
  15. I love that word. When I was a little kid, I thought it was gorilla, and that armies would use actually gorillas to fight in jungles.:shrugs:

    Yeah-I was a dumb kid.
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