What do owners of the Purse think of their bag?

  1. This is my second post in the Balenciaga section this week, still a Bbag newbie. Anyway, I want the purse style sooo bad and was wondering how well it wears, if its comfortable to carry, etc?... Also please pm or comment if you've seem an purse styles anywhere in the red, greige, pale rose. I'm trying to locate one, no luck with aloharag or BalNY.:sad:
  2. Ok..my advice to you is not to buy a Purse without trying it on. The style varies so much in terms of who it suits, I find, that it's near impossible to estimate whether it will look good on you just from photos of other people. I've seen it look awful on some people (like me) and on others, it looks absolutely smashing!
    BTW I love your avatar, so cute...
  3. Was it comfortable on your shoulder?
  4. Sure, it was comfortable...the style just looked really unsuited for me.
  5. The big plus with the purse is that it has more arm room if you want to wear it on the handles...

    I dont own one, but would definately consider it should one come my way
  6. I have 6 bags in the purse style and I love them...the pockets are much deeper which I love than the city (I have several cities too) and they hold just as much in the center compartment..I love the way it hangs, it fits better on my shoulder than my cities and since it has no piping around the bottom edges which tends to scuff alot on the cities if you are not careful...all the bottoms of my bags are in great shape...I carried my blueberry purse for 3 months straight, it was dropped, thrown, hung by one handle, put on the floor, banged into doors, walls, you name and it is still perfect...I have an ink city that I brushed up against the stone on a pillar outside my house and scraped the piping....

    As for finding one I'd just hold out and watch eBay...I got my 06 rouge vif and my greige purse there...and a few months ago there was actually 2 pale pinks at the same time so they will come...just be patient....good luck and welcome to the forum...:yahoo:
  7. Thanks so much for all the info on the fit! I have a few purses, just not the colors I was hoping for, dk green and brown. I'll keep watching eBay.
  8. matronly. In fact I am gonna sell it as soon as I can find a buyer

  9. Oh knn :wtf: you don't like it ? Which color/season do you have ?

    kittenslingerie .... I also have 3 purses at the moment and will get one or two more ! It's my aboslute favorite style and the purse fits perfect on my shoulders :yes: !! It's my opinion only ;)
  10. I loved the look of the Purse in pictures but it was too ... rounded ? ... for me ... matronly is a good way to describe it.
  11. I have a purse, day, and a city. I love the purse. It fits just right. The handles are a little longer.
  12. I have a pale rose Purse and I love it! It is a great shoulder bag!
  13. I love my Purses and regret not getting into them earlier (read - missed Eggplant Purse season). Anyway, I've got the Purse in Black, Rouge Vif and Lilac, and thinking of adding more colors to keep them in happy company. They are very comfortable to wear on the shoulder and I find them more roomy than my Citys. Pics attached, enjoy!
    Black Purse.JPG Red Purse.JPG Lilac Purse.JPG
  14. All your purses are gorgeous but I love the lilac and the rouge VIF!
  15. Personally I love the Purse. Prior to my Purse discovery I went through the Day, City and Courrier style, but was not 100% happy as I like bigger handles to wear over my shoulder. I heard mixed reports about the Purse. Some people don't like it because it's flatter than the City and too wide for their frame. I think if you're a lean-bean, the Purse style probably wouldn't suit you. I'm 175 cms tall and an average size 12 (Australian size 12) and the Purse is the Bbag for me. I wish they would make it in the 07 aquamarine with GH!!!