What do men compliment you on ?

  1. After reading the threads on what is a sexy bag for a man, or on which bags do you get compliments on, I was wondering "What is noticed/likeable in men´s eyes ?"

    I´m not thinking in terms of chatting up lines ("beautiful eyes, etc...") on your beauty or charisma:angel: , but in France we say that women dress for other women. We choose so carefully which style we want, what we need for that , who is our icon....:love:

    But It´s as if men couldn´t care less on what you´re wearinng (as long as it´s sexy = shows a bit of skin !), or which, shoes or handbag or haircut you have ??
    All the French men I know prefer natural, everything "simple". Basically they only notice your general look, not at all what you possess.
    -As for the danish men I can´t figure them out at all, any Danish PFer here ?:shame: -
    But I also have some male friends who surprisingly will compliment on my fragrance, or notice my new hair, or some others stuffs I own but it´s mostly things they would like for themselves !! Like IPod, or trendy trainers.....But I must say I appreciate 2 times more if it´s a man who notices my (feminine)shoes !

    ->So, does it happen that your male friend or BF/DH or any man compliment on something you own ?? And what is it ??

    :shame: I hope I explained myself clear enough, I can suck big time in english , sorry:shame:
  2. There are a few straight men in the UK who are impressed by designer labels, but I don't think most men are particularly impressed by what a woman owns (i.e. the fact that her clothes/accessories are designer) and as we've seen, previously, on this forum(!), some men are actually 'repulsed' by obvious displays of wealth. :lol:

    In my experience, artistic men definitely notice if you wear/carry something beautiful (whether it is expensive, or not). Not surprisingly, they like clothes/accessories that are like wearable pieces of art and appreciate it, if a woman puts things together well.

    I think men that are not so visually aware, still appreciate that a woman has 'made an effort', even if they are not quite so sure what exactly it is that they like about her ensemble.

    My BF (not that I necessarily take any notice! :P ) prefers women to be made-up and dressed-up. :queen:I don't think I generally wear enough make-up, or sexy enough clothes (although I'm not a prude!) for his liking! :shrugs:

    Some men, though, are complete puritans (or like 'honesty'?!) and seem to be far more attracted to me when I have to go out in any old thing, with no make-up at all!

    Of course, anything that reminds a man of the time when he was first attracted to women (as a boy) is always very popular. :graucho: :lol:

    I think it's horses for courses (i.e. different men [and age groups of men] like different things!). :yes:
  3. i get the most compliments from men on my hair and how i smell. i think i get the hair comments because my hair is different - it's very curly and i let it stay a tad unruly. a male friend of mine told me one time that i have "sex hair all the time, not just after sex" whatever that means. so maybe that's why men react to it? it makes me look a little less pristine? i'm not sure.

    and i'm very particular about the way i smell, my perfumes are generally subtly sexy and not overly fruity - i like things with amber, vanilla, and musk in them, which i think men respond to.

    after i got my contacts, a lot of my male friends did comment that i have beautiful eyes, but that's probably just because my glasses always hid them.
  4. My long hair and how I'm dressed in general. I have very long hair.
  5. Straight man: my long hair,legs and the way I dress
    Gay man: my bags and sometime abs
    Moron: ass
  6. ^^ Haha, I love your answer :smile:

    straight men: legs or butt (men here are VERY visual. pigs!)
    gay man: jeans or bag
  7. well, if I'm with my husband men don't usually look at me (hes a very big man :biggrin:)

    but if I'm on my own I get comments on my boobs mainly. loosers.

    My husband always comments on my shoes & my general appearence. He has a thing for quality clothes & will notice if I'm dressed well, or if I look like a sack of poop. :biggrin:
  8. Polite Strangers: Eyes & hair
    Gay Men: Clothing and handbags
    Pigs: Breasts

    My hubby: Eyes, Hair, breasts and clothing. In that order. :lol:
  9. straight men tell me they like my smile, my hair and the way i dress:cutesy:

    gay men tell me they like my 'style', especially my bags and shoes. one of my gay boyfriends -- who's really like a sassy black woman trapped in a man's body -- told me, the first time we met, "you have magnificent breasts!":roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    the douchebags don't tell me anything. they just stare at my chest and rear end and say they'd like to take me home :lol:
  10. my watch? only because i wear men's watch most of the time? so there ... :girlsigh:
  11. men on the streets usually pull me aside and try to tell me how beautiful i am then try to invite me out to eat.

    usually its older men, like in most cases, 40+ , and in some cases, from 25-30.

    but then, it's gross sometimes...i'm only 20!!!!!!

    i think its my purple hair that attracts the men.

    or my butt.

    i dont know seriously, it may be even because im ASIAN, and there aren't THAT many Asians around here in Florida...comparing to places like California!!!

  12. can we see your breasts? :flowers:
  13. Errr, random guys don't say anything to me. My boyfriend always compliments my butt :graucho: and just tells me that I'm beautiful in general. Women usually compliment me on my smile and my shoes :supacool:
  14. :lol::lol::lol: they're in the LV Visual Aids sticky

  15. LOL..:roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :upsidedown:
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