What do I wear with these? D:

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  1. So I could not pass this pair of [SIZE=-1]Té casan shoes up (if you don't know about them, click here!) [/SIZE]The particular pair I found are art deco booties designed by Manuela Filipovic. They are gorgeous but they're also green (which is not in my usual color palette.) The black ones they had weren't in my size, but I fell in love with them so I bought them and now I have no idea what to wear with them. Any help ladies? :smile: Thanks in advance!

    tc_01.jpg tc_02.jpg
  2. I have a pair of green Casadei shoes. :smile: My favorite thing to wear with them is jeans and a red top. Without looking too Christmas-y, you'll want something neutral to go along with the red (e.g. the jeans). Red and pink easily go with green.