What do I wear with these boots?


Jul 7, 2009
Just bought these at the Rack for $47. Yeah!! I am very conservative and will probably wear these with jeans. I need more ideas and different ideas on how to wear these boots. I want to step out of my box so please help!



Mrs. no job Lovehall
Aug 9, 2008
Hmm I'm thinking opaque tights and a sheath dress of some sort. If you're feeling adventourous you can try a baby doll type dress as well, but i love wearing ankle boots with skirts and dresses.

you can also find a pair of dressy shorts and pair it with a top and blazer.


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
Cute boots!

Black skinny jeans, cream blouse with silver accessories and for warmth a red or purple cardi (or even dark green)... for a pop of colour, alternatively keep the cardi neutral (grey, white or black/ dark navy) and use a colourful bag as a pop of colour.

Don't know if you favour the eighties trend but an electric blue dress (end just above knee... or shorter if you can handle it) with black opaques and your lovely boots, with black accessories or neon orange (I'm in a brights mood today :P)

If you wanted to be adventurous (if you have these items), red skinny jeans (or any other bright colour you like), with a black or white top and your boots with a neutral bag (or a crazy zebra print or similar animal print).

I like the suggestions for a white dress with tights and your boots too!
Jun 25, 2009
Love the boots...great find!! I don't have many suggestions, that haven't already been given, but i thought that these pictures might give you some more inspiration!!


I know the boots in the images aren't exactly the same as yours are but I think the boots you have would work with some of the looks!! I think the second dress in the second photo is a great dress and you would be able to wear it with other things aswel!! The second image wont show for me but it will appear if you copy and paste it to another tab!!