what do i wear to a meet and greet????

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  1. :nuts:

    ok, my heart is running like a mile a minute and i think i could pass out, but anyway... i just got an email from the fort minor fan club and i've been chosen to attend the meet and greet!

    i'm like in shock... i dont know what to do.... what do i wear.... what do i do.... omg! im actually gonna meet Mike Shinoda! :love:

    omg! omg! omg!

    i just wanted to share my news with you all! :amuse:

    has anyone been to a meet and greet before??? whats it like? do you get ordered around???? let me know!!!! :amuse:
  2. Okay, your gonna have to help me out here, who is Mike Shinoda?
  3. i have no idea who mike shinoda is but i think you should wear a cute dress with a fabulous bag...:biggrin:

  4. Inky Paws: sorry! :shame:
    hehehe, he's one of the guys from linkin park :love: hes one of the guys in my top 5 - he's number one and married :sad2:


    thanks :amuse:
  5. oh yeah, i'm totally taking LV for a walk that night! it might look 'odd' at a concert but, she'll be right :amuse:
  6. Oh wow! He's so talented! Wear something sexy yet comfortable. Goodluck!
  7. You should go naked since these type of guys don't care what you wear! If you want to be noticed make sure you brush up on their bios so when they speak to you, you can be memorable with being said something interesting. Have fun.
  8. Wear a smile and your bag !!!
  9. :shame: i doubt if i had the body to go naked!!! hehehehe!

    thanks so much for the tips so far!!! im still so excitied! :amuse:
  10. :lol: @ being naked!

    Helen, just wear jeans and a favorite top. Is it a meet and greet and then a show? I usually wear jeans, a tank top and my converse sneakers to shows, since I usually end up getting a beer or two spilled on me :shame:

    Have fun! That's cool you've been chosen, lucky girl! Maybe he'll leave his wife and run off into the sunset with you :P :amuse:
  11. awesome!!!! I'd love to meet him too :biggrin:
  12. Aww.. that sounds super fun ! And I agree with everyone else, go in something casual and comfortable !
  13. I love Mikey Shinoda! :love: He's my cousin's friend's friend's ex roommate. Does that count that I know him by 6 degrees? :lol: I saw him up close and personal when I was in the pit at one of Linkin Park's concerts, getting squashed by a bunch of dirty sweaty guys. Those guys (LP) are so talented!! Especially Chester and Mikey!!! :love: I love Linkin Park! They come a long way...

    Congrats and have fun at their meet n' greet! You'll love it! Give Mikey a big sweaty hug for me!
  14. Oooh, have SO much fun :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. I see Mike Shinoda (I don't know about the other Fort Minors members though) as a decent and proper individual so I don't think you need to flunt your skin at him or anything. Just go and be yourself. Dress casual and have fun! :;):

    I'm so jealous... :cry: