what do I wear in the UK next week?!

  1. :shrugs:
  2. its really really warm!!!!
    skirts and little vest tops is what iv lived in for the last three weeks but its even warmer in london than it is here.
    its cooler on a morning so a very light jacket might be a good idea.
  3. its been freezing near me today! well not FREEEEZING but CERTAINLY not vest top warmth!
    it has been rather warm the past week though, although i wouldnt trust this weeks weather to be the same as next weeks! check the weather before you pack! lol you might need heavy rain weather knowing england! :rolleyes:
  4. Which part of UK? London? Loads of tunic tops a la Prada S/S'07 paired with short shorts, with sky-high wedges, metallic bag, giant shades. Short dresses paired with either those satin ballet flats look great. Nicole Ritchie's uniform last summer of a white T-shirt, Alexander Mcqueen scarf, skinny jeans and super high Chloe wedges still work well. Flowy unstructured tops worn with shorts and gladiator sandals look so chic too!
    It's so warm in London..too warm actually.
  5. you the hell knows our weather is so changable, we are having some hot days but make sure you bring things you can put on top if it turns chilly
  6. Wow that sounds absolutely fabulous!

    The weather in london is really warm, but seeing as it is England I would check out the weather forecast beforehad.
  7. London, LLangollen North Wales, Killarney and Dublin if I'm not mistaken, I want to be comfortable but not scream TOURIST.
  8. So far on my list is
    One or two Aqua zip up cardigans
    James Perse tees and full sleeves
    Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polo and full sleeves
    Joie ribbed grey V pull over
    Juicy pants for the flights
    7fam, joes, and coh jeans (straight, cigarette, flare)
    but do I need that many jeans?
    hollister and abercrombie plaid and jean shorts, tunics/other flowy shirts & layering tanks..jean jacket

    I have a pair of silver gladiator sandals from coach, but I don't think they'll be comfy to walk all day in. I have my short uggs, sneakers, and don't know what flats to get.

    No clue what to do for a rain jacket and bag wise.
  9. weather next week is v changeable :biggrin:

    Just take a cardie, and an umbrella everywhere you go! thats what I always do.
    If you need anything else, lots of little cheap accessories stores are around to help you with large sunglasses and flat gladiator style flip flops,

    enjoy your trip :smile:
  10. If I were you I'd bring nothing but what you are travelling in, go to Topshop and get all your outfits from there! You totally fit in here in the UK decked out in Topshop clothes lol!
  11. ^ lol. yes go straight to topshop!
    my wish list for when i get paid is huge from topshop. they have loads of cute tunic dresses in right now and their ballet shoes are so comfortable and cheap, £25. also some very nice jackets and their denim is so good. i just bought the V jeans in white.
  12. Plus Kate Moss' collection will be on sale at Topshop from 1st May.