what do I use for a laptop ?

  1. I just ordered a new laptop and my beautiful Coach computer case from years past is going to be too small.

    Any suggestions? I've been out of the workforce for a while so I am wondering how people transport these things . . . thx.:angel:
  2. How about one of these.. you can check them out eluxury :flowers:
    p11291587_ph_hero.jpg p10295658_ph_hero.jpg
  3. i used this one , for laptop and notebooks when i used 2 be a uni student, very great bag IMO

  4. Damier Sabana:


    Damier Geant Messager:
    Soft Briefcase:

    Porte-Document Pegase:
  5. I am using my Dersou for my 17 inch MacBook Pro on a daily basis. Works like it was made for it. If you have a standard 15 inch laptop, you sure will have more options, like the ones suggested. Always make sure that it fits.
  6. how about a black Epi Sac Plat? it comes in two sizes now and you can use the bag by itself - it doesn't look like a laptop bag. i just think hand-held suits women better than a cross-the-body or shoulder styles. jmho.
  7. I considered using my monogram Sac plat as a laptop bag too! But it's too big for me since I'm 5 feet. :yucky:
  8. hmmm gelbergirl, how big is your laptop? are you looking for a messenger bag or a handheld bag?
  9. When I take mine with me when I travel, I use my Cabas Mezzo.
  10. there's always the BH
  11. I would love to get some suggestions as well...I was looking for the SMALLEST and SIMPLEST shoulder/messenger bag for my Dell Notebook which is very small (12" X 8.5")...Any ideas? Something REALLY BASIC...
  12. when I get the laptop, I'll bring it in to so the laptop can "try a few things on"
    thanks for the suggestions - will research all your suggestions
  13. I use my luco tote-- it is perfect!
  14. Oooh I am drooling over the soft briefcase!
  15. Love the bosphore messenger or briefcase and the damier geant or a utah bag.
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