What do I say?

  1. So my lil Sister has been wanting a Carly for graduation. She just called me and said that my mom just bought her a real Carly. When I asked her where she got it at they just kept telling me in Houston somewhere at a store "like a mall." What does that mean, then I dig a lil more and my mom tells me it was at a warehouse that has wholesale stuff like market. What does that mean? Is there a "real" place where you can get real COACH bags at wholesale? I don't think so! So I try to tell them this and they are mad at. They don't know why I can't be excited for there new "fake" Carlys!!! All I was trying to do was warn them they spent good money on a fake bag!

    Sorry had to Vent!!!:tdown:
  2. They shouldnt be mad they should thank you! I would want to know if i spent money on a fake! Oh well, my sister has a fake that her b/f got her for Christmas and i tell her everytime i see her its soooo fake but she still insists its real!
  3. How frustrating! I think they are probably just taking their anger/disappointment out on you! How much did they pay for the bag? Is there any way for them to return the fake?
  4. I think they rather lie about it and pretend its real!!! This really sucks!
  5. I wouldn't know what to do either!! That sucks!
  6. I just talked to my mom and she admits its fake and she just lied to my sister about it!!! How sad is that!
  7. Oh no! How awkward! Are you going to say anything? You're kind of stuck in the middle on this one! But, I would be really embarrassed for my sister if someone else pointed out to her that she got a fake bag!
  8. Gesh, sounds like my family :yes: At least it is off your conscience that you let them know that it was a fake. They are just mad because you told them the truth. Do you think your sister will continue to carry the carly knowing she is fake?
  9. I personally would try to guilt my mother into buying her a real Carly! Especially since its a graduation gift - tell her thats just not right.
  10. aww, im sorry for you :sad: that's a sticky situation to be in. like donnalynn said^, why dont you tell your mom to get her a real one since it's for graduation? she could even bring your lil sis into a coach store & get it for her; i bet she'd treasure the experience!! tell your mom about teaching your lil sis about why buying ANYTHING fake is bad, how it's taking away from the company, etc. maybe she'll realize she wants to set a good example for ur sis, especially if she'll be in the "real" world soon (considering she's graduating, prob high school or college, right?) Good Luck!! :smile:
  11. You could use the PCE discount with her and maybe that would help?
    I agree, a graduation gift should be something special.