What do I need to do to get buyers to read my terms and conditions before buying??

  1. Ok so 3 of my items have just sold, im in the UK and the winning bidders are from Sweden, Germany and USA. They are not high value items just some kids designer bits.
    At the top of my page in LARGE red letters I have- PLEASE READ MY TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE BIDDING

    Then my terms and conditions also in red large type, bigger than my description . States I only accept paypal from confirmed address and point out that only address in the UK, CANADA and USA can be confirmed. Other countries and non confirmed addresses need to pay by bank transfer- NO EXCEPIONS

    So what do my US, Swedish and German buyer so- pay by paypal with their unconfirmed address!!! WHAT do i need to do, do my terms and conditions need to be in flash lights or in 5 languages???

    I have had a fraudulent chargeback put against me and I lost hence my strict policy- I wont be stung again for any amount!
  2. Ok, first go into your options and change your selling options so that only buyers in the countries you ship to can bid. Mine is also set so only those w/ a PayPal account can bid too. Second, as for the buyers reading terms, good luck w/ anything else as I think we all on this eBay thread who sell have made post after post about these bidders not reading more than the title and looking at the picture. At least changing your options you will have some control.
  3. I might have to change my listings- just think its a shame to cut out all the other countries- if only they would read the listings!
  4. I have come across an auction that starts with smth along the lines of
    "STOP and READ! :sad:1) Is Your PayPal address confirmed? (2) Are you prepared to pay within 2 days?"
    .... all this is in red and in Bold. And only then you get the item's desritption, etc.
    Definitely catches your attention more that "please read the terms... etc"... At the same time it has an air of hostility about this ... :smile: ha-ha...

  5. Mine is similar and direct in massive letters! But beacuse they think they are getting a bargain they just get carried away. It was baby dior items! They have all been worn and I started them off at 99p
  6. At the top of mine I put something along those lines of READ directions or don't bid.... etc... I have changed it to say everything except "if you screw up my auction I am kidnapping your dog." I give up on some ppl at this point.
  7. I have tried huge BOLD red letters, repeating things more than once throughout the auction, putting them above the pics, putting them below the pics, nothing worked.

    So I finally removed a lot of them...they say less is more, I haven't had any problems since I did that.