what do i need to conceal my..err...redness?

  1. Hey girls,
    I have a bit of a problem. Sorta. :p

    I had tennis tryouts this past week, and it was about 106 outside on average. [:wtf:] While I was out there I noticed my whole body got like, cherry colored! It was completely red! Its not like Ive never been outside in the heat before though, so it was weird.. It was all over! My legs, arms, face...


    My face is sensitive to heat I guess, becasue before these tryouts, during school, while going from class to class I had to walk outside in the heat. My face would turn red just after a few seconds after being in the heat and it wouldnt go back to its normal for at least 30 minutes!! I never really noticed my arms and legs turning red. [btw, its not a sunburn. ;D I wear gallons of sunblock and am not a shade different then when I finally cool off.:okay:]

    I guess what Im trying to ask is maybe why it does this and uh, what makeup I could use so its not to obvious on my face. It makes me self conscious to know that my face is bright red when I come inside to class or when Im playing tennis. :push:
  2. CONT:

    Its not just an "Ugh. Im hot. Thats all" kinda red. I mean, Ill be completely cooled off and drinking water and my face is still all red. -.-

    I hate being the only one coming back from PE class after 45 MINUTES with my face still red and rash-like.
  3. Sadly, I don't know anything to stop this from happening or any way to cover it without using a makeup so heavy that it would be uncomfortable and fake-looking.

    Some people simply flush easily. My first child flushes very easily in the heat and I am constantly questioned about whether he has on sunscreen (strangers offer me sunscreen for him). But like you said, it isn't the sun - it is the heat. It especially looks terrible against his very fair hair. I would bet you have beautiful skin otherwise, although it is probably very sensitive and fair.

    I'm sorry this is an issue that makes you self-conscious, but I just don't see any easy solution... You may want to talk to a dermatologist, though since it is not rosacea or an actual skin condition requiring treatment, I'm not sure they can do much, either.
  4. ^^ Meh. My skin isnt that fair either. "/ I mean it is, but Ill even apply my powder and some bronzer before I go out and my face looks nice and matte until the heat hits me, then its like I didnt even get ready in the morning.
    Its so annoying in all actuality.

    If anyone else has this problem and has had some luck with any type of makeup or any way to cool your face off a little faster then just water and AC, I would love to know.

    Right now its just looking like I should either
    1. Move somewhere cold :p
    or 2. Deal with it.
  5. is it just a flushness or are u actually developing rashes and itch and all that?
  6. Im in Vegas too. This doesnt personally happen to me, but Ive known a few people its happened to. I dont think theres really an explanation. The scorching heat is just a lot for someones body, and to be out in the heat getting all worked up makes it even worse.
  7. try to use color correctors with some green in them. i think physician's formula makes a powder with a green tint to neutralize red tones...and i think Boots (which you can find at target) has a makeup base/color corrector in green as well which you can wear under your foundation or powder.

    i do flush fairly easily too so don't worry, its not just you!

    there is a spray from Lather called cucumber & ginseng facial mist. it will definitely help cool you off!!! :smile: i keep it in my purse.
  8. Thanks for the help guys. ;]
    thanks especially to you ichelle.

    I have tried some of my moms stuff. Iono what exactly it is, but its this stuff thats supposed to tone down the redness from rosacea. [her chest has bad red sun damage] Its blue and when I first put it on it made my skin look nice and fair, but still, when i got outside it just went POOF! right back to the redness. -.-

    Meh. Oh well. If anyone comes up with any other ideas, just send em to me. ;D
  9. i also become very red when i get over heated. i would suggest a cool pack of some kind. there are gel packs that you freeze and they remain cool for several hours. if you use it wrapped in a soft cloth and apply it to you forehead, back of neck and cheeks it should help. i don't think makeup is the answer for this. i would be concerned with breakouts from too much makeup in the summer heat. good luck!
  10. I'm fair and will get red, if I'm overheated. I hate it, but there's not much that can be done. Some people's bodies increase blood circulation to the skin's surfaces more than others. As you said, even when you cool yourself off, the redness takes a while to go away.

    I'm a lot older than you and have always had this problem. If there were a remedy, I would have found it by now. I would never put one of those green or blue tints on my face either. It sits on top of the skin and looks odd.

    Are you sure you don't have a touch of Rosacea? I don't mean the kind of Rosacea that produces bumps and blemishes... just the kind that causes flushing.
  11. Well, I dunno. I mean I havent always been like this. :sad: I used to get tan very easily and just turn red up in the cheeks because of the heat, but not even that showed up for a while! Ever since 4th grade my face has turned red and stuff and wont go back to its normal color for a while. My mom doesnt think it is, she just thinks I have very pink undertones because of my Austrian heritage. :push: I dunno, I dont get it. I just dont see why its shown up all of a sudden and why cant I do anything about the redness.

    Just a side note: Its not like, a flat red color. If you guys get flushed youll know what I mean. Its more of my entire face turning into this little speckled red color. Not like pin needle specks, just...smeared redness with a tad bit of my natural color peeking through in spots.

    If Im outside anytime tomorrow Ill try to take a picture. Im supposed to be going school clothes shopping so I doubt Ill be able to get many, but Ill try.
  12. LORAC Oil-Free Neutralizer

    I know what you mean by specks of red -- I mostly get them on my cheeks. Positively reviewed at MUA! I use it as a concealer.
  13. Well for me it's good ol' DNA. I'm super pale and flush very easily and never outgrew my chubby ruddy cheeks (see my profile pic!).

    I just wear my foundation, even when I am exercising or playing hockey, etc. It's probably bad for clogging my pores but I always cleanse thoroughly when I shower afterwards. I'm proud of my coloring but I totally understand as I do get self conscious with how red I get.
  14. Use a green-liquid concealer. It sounds gross, I know, but green contrasts red naturally to the eye, therefore making your skin look less red :smile:
  15. ^ exactly! just make sure to moisturize before you put on any green, else it will not blend correctly.