What do I need on a ski trip?


Mar 14, 2006
Well, I've never been skiing in Switzerland, but I go all the time here in Michigan/Canada.

Sunscreen is a major thing!
Goggles or sunglasses
Bring lots of layers - Underarmor is great! North Face fleeces, UGG Boots for the lodge. Many lodges have spas too - an extra bonus!! :smile:

oh, wear snowpants too. There actually are some cute styles - check out Burton - very important. and! warm warm gloves!!!

I"m sure I'll remember more things later... if you're renting skiis, or even bying them - make sure to purchase a shorter pair. They are much easier to manage and control. and control is a huge part of skiing!

I hope you have a great trip Sonya - if you have anyother questions, pm me!!! :smile:


Princess Grace Ave
Jul 17, 2006
Generally when we ski or snowboard we get pretty heated fast. So, all the clothing comes off. Most of the time end up in short sleeves. However, if you are new at this, having a waterproof snow suit is a must. You should plan on hitting the ground often. Most of the list above had great suggestions, can't remember if they put down chapstick or not. You will need a lot of water as well. Have fun. You will be sore!!

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May 12, 2006
-Waterproof pants
-Waterproof jacket
-Waterproof GLOVES --- this is a must
-Waist/belt bag -- can't bring a purse on the slope :P

The thing that i'm big on are hats... beanies... colorful ones, something fun and funky --- this will probably be the piece that stands out the most since ski clothes are kinda simple.

If you have a good jacket, then you might not have to layer as much because it gets hot sometimes.

Now stores that might have decent stuff----

Nike has some cute ski clothes --- bought a bib there once and i love it!!! it was for snowboarders, but hey skiiers can use it too

Burton --- great stuff, but somewhat over rated... very colorful and loud

Northface makes some great ski jackets that have all the necessities.

beanies --- they are everywhere, it's really what you want to wear.

I'm too scared to wear a scarf... i feel i might choke or something, but that's me. And sometimes it gets soooo cold you might have to get the face mask... but i'm sure if you need it, it'll be easy to get.

Have fun skiing!


Jul 15, 2006
yup, you definitely need something waterproof. especially since the weather is a LOT milder in europe than usual for december, i'm in the north of sweden right now and there's barely enough snow to ski :wtf: i haven't even bothered going yet! don't bother buying skis or boots, rent those when you get there. buying the right pair of boots is hard enough when you've been skiing since you could walk, let alone before you even start. the same goes for skis, but i find longer skis easier to control than shorter ones for some bizarre reason.

definitely wear layers, get some good thermals, especially socks. and get good gloves. what else... a hat.. and a helmet isn't a bad idea but they aren't that common in switzerland from what i remember. wear a heavy moisturiser, cold weather is very drying. oh and a "turtle fur", a sort of fleece tube thing to keep your face warm. get a pair of goggles, sunglasses don't protect your eyes from the wind and i can't see without goggles when i ski, i don't understand how other people manage it :wondering

oh and get a jacket with lots of pocket space to save yourself the indignity of a belt bag :lol: