What do I do???

  1. My husband was out of town on business for the holidays so we decided to spend Christmas here. My mom and sister decided to join us which was wonderful. My mom and sister wanted to go shopping so we walked up and down Michigan Ave. We ended up finding this small store that had all sorts of accessories. They had a table of scarves and hats and I was looking though and I found this fake LV Scarf. I was shocked to see something like this in a store and said "Hey mom check this out?" She laughed and than asked the sales women if she had two more!!! The sales lady said no and my mom said ok and put the scarf back.

    I feel I have to mention that my mom has many authentic expensive bags. She has a vintage Gucci that I have been trying to get my hands on for years that she won't part with ... yet. It's weird. She has tons of nice stuff but likes the fake too. My sister was sporting a Prada Wallet and I know mom has a few fakes she picked up in China Town last time she was in NYC.

    Anyway guess what I found in my stocking Christmas morning...that fake LV Scarf.

    Despite the fact that it's a fake its actually a great scarf. Its really wide and warm. I confess I only know because I wore it...I know gasp...I had to it was Christmas Day and it made mom happy. I just wrapped it around me and wore it under my coat.

    Since mom left its been sitting in the closet and I don't know what to do. I figure I might just keep it for sentimental reasons for the time being and eventurly it would make its way out of the house. What would you all do?

    It's tough... it was actually a sweet gesture. My mom knows I have fallen in LOVE with LV but she thinks they have gotten way too expensive over the years. That Gucci bag I mentioned she told me she paid $150.00 for when I was in middle school. Amazing isn't it.
  2. If you don't wanna wear it then don't. I don't think any understanding mother would get upset if you explain to them the same thing as you did here.
  3. ITA!!
  4. I agree!
    If you don't want to wear it i'm sure she would understand if you told her exactly how you feel.
  5. Personally, I wouldn't say anything. It was a gift from your mom. If you don't want to wear it in public then dont but don't hurt her feelings. Maybe you can wear it around the house when it's chilly since you did mention it's a great scarf and warm. Just an idea.
  6. I think you handled the situation graciously. I would keep the scarf and perhaps drape it somewhere just for the sentimental reason. I am not condoning fakes, but your mom did try...
  7. I wouldn't say anything to my mom either. I just would keep in away in a drawer in case the time ever came that she said, "hey where's that scarf I got you", then I'd be able to go...right here mom!
  8. Yep, keep the scarf in case your mum ever asks where it is and that way she won't feel bad. However, if she wants to buy a matching wallet etc you might have "to come clean" and tell the truth about how you really feel.
  9. Keep it and don't say anything. If the topic does come up however, you could casually mention how you feel about fakes and why.
  10. Yeah do keep it, just don't wear it out.
    I kept that fake D&G bag my neighbor got me just because I KNOW she'll ask about it eventually. It's horrid and I'll never carry it but still. Ack. It's waaaay in the back of the downstairs closet.
  11. Keep it but only use it when around her

  12. ^^^^^^

    Agree!!! This way feelings aren't hurt, and she's none the wiser....
  13. I agree you handled this with grace. Keep the scarf in case your mom asks about it.
  14. Or, if you really hate having it around? I'm sure you could *accidentally* lose it someplace. (She'd never have to know the real story.)
  15. When she does ask where your scarf is, just say you wore it the day before!