What do I do???

  1. Okay, so my birthday money is going to be coming in soon, and since I'm now working at Coach, I decided that spending all my money there was a perfect thing to do. Here's my problem...

    I'm expecting about $300, and with my discount, I can get a lot of fabulous things. However, I'll never have enough money to buy everything I want, so I've narrowed it down to three options.

    1. Buy the bag I've been secretly coveting, but will never spend the money on. (the bleecker tattersall travel tote)
    2. Buy the accessories I love, but think are ridiculously expensive, even with my discount. (Legacy stripe gloves, tattersall muffler, bleecker leather checkbook wallet, maybe some shoes if i feel so inclined).
    3. Buy a watch/jewelry. (signature etched mercer bangle, 1/2" signature bangle)

    What do I do?!?! My husband won't let me get it all!
  2. That's a tough decision.
    I think you should go for the bag or the watch. Buying teh bag will be special as it wil be your first purchase as an SA. I have a Coach watch and love it. You could buy one that you could wear everyday to work and that could be special too.
    I think the gloves are really overpriced and its one of those things that if you lost ONE you would want to die. I do have a coach scarf that I have had for years and worn to death. You could go for the accessories and purchase a scarf but no gloves an sub in a bracelet instead...
  3. I agree.. go for the bag first and then see how much you have left then next will be the accessory (maybe the checkbook wallet that goes with the purse? );)
  4. well, it won't be my first bag purchase, i got a hamptons hobo and *carly*...i have a pretty unhealthy obsession with the legacy stripe, which is why those d#@! gloves have been calling my name. Darnit, why can't I just get it all?!
  5. I feel your pain.. :cursing: If I have a generous budget i'll buy them all :nuts:
  6. my husband is giving me a hard time for even thinking about coach purchases...we got evacuated due to the fires here in san diego, and apparently going to coach.com (my happy place!:nuts:) isn't what he wants me to do. i would still appreciate opinions, i have to think about something!
  7. bleeker tattersall travel tote?? hmmm

    i dont know something tells me accessories.. its better to buy a whole bunch of stuff!! but then u live in CA and when does it get that cold??
  8. i'm from maryland, i go back and visit.

    although that's not really a great excuse, i'll probably wear them with my shorts and tee-shirt 'cause i love them that much! :p
  9. I would definitely say go for the bleecker tattersall travel tote! You could always go for the gloves at the end of winter when they will go on sale + your discount! Man, doesn't it stink having to make a decision? I hate that....it's so tough!
  10. I vote for the watch, I'm not a huge fan of the tattersall travel bag, it's HUGE
  11. its huge and it seems like it gets dirty even easier than canvas
  12. Go for the purse and buy the gloves as a early Christmas gift for yourself.
  13. I would get what you REALLY love! I hope your home is OK:flowers:
  14. I say accessories. More little things to love...
  15. I always go for bags over accessories. When you have a lump sum of money, iI find it best to get a pricey item (especially w/your discount) - then you can get accessories a little at a time without feeling it too much financially, KWIM?