What do I do?

  1. About 2 weeks ago I went to Nordstroms and bought myself a pair of Ugg boots. The store didn't have the size I needed in stock, but I went ahead and paid for them. The SA was going to have one sent to me from another store. I am from southern california, and it was being shipped from another nords in northern california. Well it shouldn't take more than 7 business days at most right? I've had this done before, sent from the same nords up north. Took only 3 business days. Now it's been 11 business days since then. I'm wondering if it got lost? Somebody took it from my doorstep? What can I do? Is this just going to be a lost cause for me? It didn't come with a tracking # since I did ordered directly from the store. I know when I order online I am provided with one, but not in this case.
    Uggs are actually hard to come by. That's why I bought them early this year. Last year I missed out by late oct. Any suggestions or experiences would really help. thanks.
  2. I would contact customer service. They should have a tracking number.
  3. Ok, I just got off the phone with customer service. I got a tracking number and well, it says the package was already delivered. It was actually delivered 4 days after I purchased them. Now I'm worried. I'm usually not home and I have a gate about 10 feet away from my front door. I'm afraid someone might have taken my package. I guess I'm lost. Or is there anything I can do? Since the tracking number does prove it was delivered and me not being home is my fault. Sigh...
  4. I would call Nordstroms. They have really great customer service.
  5. It's not your fault if you're not home! Most people aren't home waiting for the delivery guys to make their rounds!
  6. You are not out of luck. Contact Nordstrom. Since you did not sign for the delivery, the carrier may have just left them. That is not delivering them. Nordstrom should resend them to you and this time make a signature mandatory. If that fails contact your credit card company.
  7. I am so pleased with Nordstroms customer service right now. I spoke with them and boy was she nice and so pleasant. She's having it shipped overnight with signature delivery. Yay, I'm so glad I didn't have to like 'fight' for it.
  8. That's great to hear. Nordstrom rock:tup:, definitely one of my fave dept store. They have the best customer service and returns.