What do I do???

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I'm so fickle...
Mar 31, 2006
Illinois - wow, I know
I have the best SA and he let me pre-order my stuff to pick up Friday. Problem is, I haven't gotten my invite yet! :crybaby:Do you think he'll be able to let me buy it anyway, or are they going to be strict with the actual cards? I've never had this happen before, I've always gotten one. I'm so upset!!!!


Kailey's Mommy
Jan 8, 2007
I went in and pre-ordered my items on Tuesday. My SA said I could KEEP my card - she didn't really even LOOK at it. I just told her I HAD it (which I DID). She said to keep it in case I wanted to come in and shop when the PCE was actually taking place.
I think you are good-to-go. If he didn't ask you for your card when you ordered the stuff, I don't see why he'd ask for it when you pick it up. I could be wrong though! Just make sure HE is the one you pick it up from, to avoid any possible problems :smile:
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