What do i do with this one?

  1. I sold a Marc Jacobs quilted stam bag for £600 just over a week ago (absolutely guaranteed authentic) buyer said they would leave feedback when they had it authenticated (so i told them to take several photos and post here or visit mypoupette) i hadn't heard anything so i messaged asking if they had confirmed the authentity , they said they went to Selfridges but they could not be sure as it was not purchased from them . Buyer has asked if they can now return the bag as his girlfriend won't carry the bag until it is authenticated, so i have again given several options to get the bag authenticated.... what do i do?
  2. Sounds like buyer's remorse. Do you have a refund policy? If not, I would tell them it is a final sale unless the item is proven not authentic. Just because they can't/won't get the bag authenticated does not mean you should have to accept a return.
  3. I think Selfridges staff dont really know what their talking about because they are only employed by selfridges and not by the Marc Jabobs Store itself. Also Selfridges buy the bags from Marc Jacobs to sell unlike the Marc Jacobs store were they sell them for Marc Jacobs KWIM ?, I think if they took it to a Marc Jacobs free standing store then they would have a better chance of authentication. I think they should try mypoupette, caroldiva or here. You have done all you could and I think you were more than helpful. :smile:
  4. Lazy!! If she really wanted it surely she would make a bit more effort to authenticate it...and it's not like you are being an unhelpful seller...even though we know you're selling the real deal, she's being lazy considering she just gambled £600 on a piece that could have been fake...

    What is your returns policy and have you offered them any maximum length of time in which they have to authenticate the bag?

    If the bag didn't sell that quickly or if you really want it off your hands, perhaps you could offer her more time to authenticate it or think about it...
  5. I have a returns policy that the handbag MUST be returned to me within 7 days (which would mean it needs to be back with me as of now) I am waiting to see whether they use the methods i have provided to get it authenticated :confused1:
  10. I agree that it sounds like buyer's remorse. Just a word of advise. Next time, it may not be such a good idea to prompt your buyer into a possible return by emailing them to see if they've authenticated their item. If they have a problem with their item, trust me, they'll be in touch with you - and fast!

    No news is good news. To me, it's just asking for trouble. That aside, I would stick to my guns. If his silly little girlfriend won't carry it until it's authenticated, then she needs to get busy doing so.
  11. I don't think she is silly for wanting a definate authentication before carrying ... i am the same when i have a new bag. I always contact my buyers if i haven't heard anything out of good customer service really i suppose. Anyway all seems well as they are taking the handbag to Harrods over the next week so they will get a valid authentication .