What do i do with the money i saved?

  1. I saved 1300 for the purple east-west and now it is gone...

    i cant bring myself to buy an ew in another color, is there any other chanel bag that comes in purple other than the east-west that i can get?
  2. all the classic flaps are sold out in that color. believe me i have looked.
  3. If all violet is gone and you don't want to hunt on eBay... perhaps moving down your list and go for a luxe or cotton club bowler?
  4. :yes:
  5. yeap i was thinking of doing that saving more for the bowler, or waiting to see if they come out with more purple bags in fall. I just cannot bring myself to buy another bag other than what i really really want.
  6. Totally makes sense to me! :yes: I don't think you can be truly happy if you settle.
  7. im just so mad i want a purple chanel flap sooooooooooo frekin bad
  8. ^^ Good call! Only buy what you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! :yes:

    The purple flaps are definitely TDF!!!!!!!!!! I soooooo wanted one too after I saw this picture of Mischa Barton with one... :love: :love:

    Don't give up! You'll find one eventually! :yes:
    purple classic flap - mischa barton.jpeg
  9. are you POSITIVE there's not even one more trickling in?
    Just keep the money frozen {don't touch it} until you fall in love again, next time your $ will be there and you won't have to wait :biggrin:
  10. im sure there MUST be a purple flap sitting in the storeroom somewhere!! like how the shocking pink medium flap keeps popping out even though everyone keeps saying they are sold out.. :yes: :yes: :yes: dont give up!! :yes: when a lady wants it, she's gotta have it! ;)
  11. yall are right, i just cant buy anything else until i get that purple flap

    even if i have to get a white flap and dye it purple lol
  12. My advice is don't settle for a bag that you only half want, If you do you will always keep comparing it to the beautiful Violet.
    Keep searching and saving, you are bound to find something that you fall in love with!

  13. hold tight, bQueengirl!
    once in a rare while, that bag might just pop up, and you'll have the funds to pounce on it. in the meantime, i'd just let as many SAs as possible know you want that bag so they can let you know if it ever comes in. you sound head-over-heels in love with the violet so i wouldn't settle for something else.
  14. if anyone can find one i will kiss you! i have called multiple stores in canada, every dept store in the us, 2 chanel boutiques and had someone check for me in paris. i seriously cannot find one! i had found a lambskin jumbo and a small caviar a few weeks ago but i believe they're gone now.
  15. where did you find the small caviar?

    I have a purple lambskin jumbo, but also want a smaller purple