What Do I Do Regarding Seller And Auction ?!?

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  1. Yesterday I purchased a LV mini mono Pink Kathleen Handbag That I have been after for ages:drool:
    I had it authenticated by all the regulars Lee John LV Baby doll Who Thought it is real!!
    However all The time The Seller Kept asking for payment...which made feel uneasy (when payment says within 3 days yet it was less than 24 hours and I had sent several emails and made sure i let her know what was going on)
    I paid this evening after getting authenticated
    I just got a email now saying she will post wednesday as she is very busy...and i should have it within 2 weeks she will be posting international airmail
    I paid $30 Shipping
    And was asked constantly if I wanted to pay another $30 for insurance which I Said no..
    I have been on ebay for years and Bought many Maybe even thousands of expensive items :jammin:but this one is worrying me for some reason
  2. I really don't like it when sellers want an immediate payment then send it when it suits them. I know some sellers state in their auctions they ship only on certain days of the week which is fine, but to keep asking for payment and then tell you she'll ship Wednesday is rather cheeky.
    Also where are you and the buyer located?
    An extra $30 for insured shipping is outrageous!
  3. Im In UK And She's In CA
    And her auction state nothing about shipping on a certain day :sad:
  4. She may just want to make sure that your a genuine Buyer. I sell and always write immediate payment in my auctions as I have had to deal with so many Non-Paying-Bidders.

    On some items Sellers just want to be certain that the item will be paid for.
  5. Agree with zacfashion, due to many hackers and may the item value is high, seller want to make sure she doesn't waste her time with anauthor buyer, congrats for your purchase :flowers: I've the same bag and it's sooo lovely
  6. $30 for Shipping is fine but $30 extra for insurance is MAD! Insurance should not cost more than $10. Maybe she is not sure how much it will cost. Enjoy the excitment of waiting for something you love....If you have had it authenticated by people in the know, then your fine....

    If the worse happend as long as you protected yourself you can recover anything that needs recovery...
  7. Thirty dollars shipping should entitle you to faster delivery. IMHO. :confused1: