what do i do now??? sob sob

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  1. :cry: my friend bought this wallet.... he asked me before what i think... i said it looks real, didn't think he would bid on it... else i would ask you guys to help me authenticate it first....


    it's fake right? he bought it... it arrives, now i don't know what to do... it's all my fault :cry: :cry:

    i'll post some actual pictures of the wallet later if you guys wanna look at it again :sad:

    help me.. i feel horrible
  2. I am unsure..The interior stamp looks funny..need to see closer pics
  3. It doesn't say in the auction that it's authentic, so I don't think it is.:sad:
  4. is it still wrong to sell counterfreit? :sad:

    can my friend file claim with paypal still? :sad:
  5. Monogram Cherry Blossom edition? The interior stamp does look a little off.
  6. I'm sorry you feel so bad, but remember you didn't intentionally do anything wrong because you didn't think he would buy it. And try to report it to paypal. They usually give your money back if the item is fake.
  7. PayPal does NOTHING if the item is misrepresented. You can try and ask your CC company to do a chargeback (DO send the item back via registered mail though).
  8. My husband have this wallet, so when I look at your picture, I think it's fake after I compare with it...

    If you friend is pay by paypal.com, I think they have protection up to $2000, you can ask your friend to charge back the account since the wallet is fake. You can also report the seller to ebay, they don't do anything if the auction is misrepresented but in your case, it's "Counterfeit handbags related" and they will handle about it for sure. I suggest that your friend ask the seller for refund first, if the seller refuse to refund, bring the wallet to LV for auth. and after that you can report to ebay and charge back from paypal.

    Rules from ebay:

    Counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, unauthorized items (such as counterfeit watches, handbags, or other accessories) or unauthorized copies (such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, or photographs) are not permitted on eBay. Unauthorized copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or bootlegged. It is illegal to sell unauthorized copies of media.
    Guideline: If the product you are selling bears the name or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or endorsed by that company, don't list it on eBay. Violations of this policy may result in account suspension.

    I hope your friend can get the money back. :shame:
  9. I think because the auction never stated "authentic", you will not be getting a lot of help from eBay or PayPal. However, check with your CC company, because they usually are much more lenient and understanding about fraudulant items.

    Good luck!
  10. Selling fake items is still a crime,if the seller stated authentic or not in the item description it doesn't make a big difference!!!
    Tell your friend to ask the seller for a refund because the wallet is not authentic.If he doesn't agree,call your CC company and do ask for a chargeback!!!:rant: Don't feel bad,you didn't mean to hurt your friend,you were in good faith...help him to get his money back,pay yourself the MP authentication fee if it's needed and you'll feel much more better!!!:yes: :yes:
  11. I love the cherry blossoms...lol.

    Per usual, ebay is buy at your own risk...i'm not too sure there is much to do except suck it up and chalk this up as a..semi-expensive mistake.