what do i do now? help me

  1. hey all, i need yr help and opinion on my next course of action. The acution end dec 8th and the seller said he shipped it out already from CA. As of today dec 19th, i have not got anything..He said he dont have a tracking number and shoudl be there sooon...i lived in CT, east coast and i used paypal...the amount was $400 for the bag...:sweatdrop:

    So what do i do now? Do i wait a few more days or file paypal for items not received?:confused1::crybaby:
  2. Do you know if the seller mailed his item with USPS? This happened to me once when I was still a new seller. I mailed out the item, but I didn't buy delivery confirmation and I didn't have a tracking number for my buyer. It took over a month for my buyer to receive his item, and luckily for me he waited that long and never gave me a negative.

    Sometimes things just go wrong with the post office. And on top of that it's a holiday season. Does the seller have high feedback? I know $400 is a lot of money and you're anxious to receive your bag; however, I think you should wait another week to see if it comes in the mail before filing with paypal.

    Good luck!! please keep us updated~
  3. he only have 9 feedback but all goood... iknow its holiday but i have heard so many stories of ppl being scammed without receiving anything after paying.. thus very afraid...how do i know he sent it out since there no proof..:confused1: he could have just said he sent it but instead kept the bag.. i willeb away for one month starting dec 24th..that why i wan to get the bag before i leave.:smile:
  4. He should have something to show you, if not a tracking number then at least a receipt that shows it went out and to what zip code.
  5. he said he wil try ot find receipt and so far nothing...that was his reply couple of days ago...am i being scammed?:crybaby:
  6. The item was over $250, so he is REQUIRED to send the item to you with tracking and signature confirmation. File a claim right away!
  7. do i file with paypal or eBay? i never done this before...thxs for yr help:tup:
    my FIRST big purchase and its not going well..:crybaby:
  8. File with PayPal - item not received.
  9. It's pretty easy to report it. Go to your "My eBay" page and use the pull down menu under the action column next to the item description. You'll see there's a link for report an item not received. Click on that and it will take you to where you need to go.
  10. if you file a report and he cannot provide a tracking number, then I think you'll easily win it.